[eDebate] FREE WVU tournament--seeking a little different advice

Tue Sep 9 10:56:27 CDT 2003

Hi, again, and sorry to those who don't care about East Coast tournaments or 
novice/JV events.  We will have an invite out for our FREE (zero entry fee) to 
be held February 6-8, 2004.  It's the cheapest tournament around--no entry 
fee, lots of hospitality (see below, plus a well-stocked hospitality room for 
the whole tournament), and the hotel is $60 per night.  

Partly to help you reduce costs even further, and partly because we want to 
do our best to accommodate schools traveling substantial distances, we're 
toying with the idea of having 1 round on Friday night and 5 on Saturday (wait, 
hear us out, we think it works).  Here's our proposed schedule (if we get strong 
and reasoned objection, we'll go back to 2 on Friday and 4 on Saturday, with a 
late afternoon start):

6:00-6:30 pm  Final registration confirmation (though most of this will be 
handled by email and phone)
7:30 pm  Round 1

Pairings for rounds 2 and 3 would either be released at the end of round 1 
(if we preset all 3), or they would be released at the hotel at 10:30 pm (if 
powered off round 1; please offer preferences).  In any case, judge preferences 
would go into effect for round 2.

Saturday (free breakfast at hotel)
8:00 Round 2
10:15 Round 3 
12:00 lunch break on your own (good, cheap food available in Mountainlair 
Food Court across the street; includes an excellent tofu dish that has now been 
endorsed by 100% of the vegan coaches polled at last year's tournament).
1:30  Round 4 (powered off round 3)
4:00  Round 5 (powered off round 4)
6:00  Dinner break; very substantial (if not fancy) dinner provided.
7:15  Round 6 (powered off round 5)
10:00 (OK, maybe 10:15, but previous attendees know that our trains run on 
time!) list of teams clearing posted at hotel

Sunday (free breakfast at hotel)
8:00  Pairings released at hotel and on campus
9:00  Octafinals
11:15  Awards ceremony
12:00  Lunch--provided
1:15  Quarterfinals
4:00 Semifinals
6:15 Dinner provided for those remaining
7:00 Finals

By my count, that means that in addition to the free entry fee and the cheap 
hotel (where virtually everybody could get away with a 2 night stay), you 
would only need to provide your own meals on Friday.  I look forward to hearing 
reactions, but please remember to first think outside the box!
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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