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Maxwell Schnurer Maxwell.Schnurer
Tue Sep 16 14:23:48 CDT 2003

Hester writes:

"and by that i mean that eastern schools
with enough dough should consider taking a trip out west as often as

Maxwell says:

The eastern CEDA schools are also dying and losing support.  We need to get
to the smaller regional tourneys and give them the teams they need.
Rochester, Binghamton, Vermont, NYU, West Virgina, all are tourneys whose
income from the tournament helps to keep teams afloat (wvu being the
groundbreaking exception to this list).  The east is banging usually with
Kings, Richmond, Harvard, West Point, COrnell & towson, but even these
tournaments run the risk of either becoming massive (which should happen at
the west point tourney this year as everyone discovers how cool that
tourney is) or disappearing (several tournaments have become predominantly
vermont vs. rochester round robins with a few teams thrown in for flavor).

We are trying to provide support for regional tournaments & get the numbers
there.  Rochester might be a good place to start.  Close to tons of folks &
the rochester folks are not going to clear.  I predict great novice & JV
debate. But the big tournament focus has left a number of areas with debate
consolidation.  Lets not just jump to the conclusion that we should head

One more twist: consider the change in varsity travel patterns.  regional
varsity debate in the east is largely dead.  We are lucky if we get enough
teams for semis at many tournaments (even ones w/ octos in novice). This
means splitting squads and increasing costs.  I'd say there is a real loss
when regional varsity debate declines . . .

And as a team w/o the cash to make it out west very much (we are gonna try
to make it to pepperdine this year) . . . we respect the work y'all are
doing (aka this is not a dis on the west/east).

Don't ride the fence.


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i just read all the posts from the last 24 hours, and based on my read,
three things that need to occur:

1) West Coast and Midwest tournaments need to be patronized (sorry if that
sounds bad, but isn't this correct? patrons - i.e., schools paying entry
and bringing teams - need to go to these tournaments = patronize them?)

2) we need to sit down as a community (this can prolly happen on this
listserve and at some bigger tournaments) and see if we can reconstruct the

travel schedule. Ede implied this earlier.

3) schools in districts that are hurting need to make an extra effort to

i have no particular proposal to defend at this point. and even after
the posts on the subject, i still don't get how abolishing first round bids

solves (i see the bid process as a symptom - not the cause - of
competitiveness that also motivates teams to 'travel where the good

i assume my best role in this discussion is still to be the anti-rules
the problem i see with solutions is that there's a dynamic involved that
hinders attempts to increase debate: staying in-region is important for
but if every district does it we run into the same problem we have now. so
here's my initial idea:

affirmative action for tournaments. and by that i mean that eastern schools

with enough dough should consider taking a trip out west as often as
we should affirmatively seek out opportunities to attend tournaments
our region. there are plenty of options: Gonzaga, pepperdine, Weber RR,
USC/Fullerton, and Berkeley. and i'm ignorant - so i'm sure there's more.

i'm gonna talk to UWG debaters and see if we can agree to attend a few of
these. i've always thought that D6 was sorta like George Clinton and the
P-Funk All-Stars: wherever we go, there's gonna be a party! maybe that
philosophy can be applied in a broader context. as a community, let's make
sure that the West Coast Swing and the Texas-Two Step are well populated.
to LA. or if that's too much, drive to Dallas.

i know we can do this. i'm gonna stop complaining about everybody else's
solutions and start working on coming up with some ideas...


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