[eDebate] Gonz Elim Results

Frappier, Glen frappier
Tue Sep 23 02:47:06 CDT 2003

The return of The Jesuit was a huge success and we're already 
looking forward to hosting next year.  I think everyone who attended
would agree that when the west gets together we do it right.  

Heres the results 

Partial Octas

Berkeley SS advances without debating
Berkeley NS advances without debating
Berkeley RW advances without debating

Gonzaga MS advances over Gonzaga DH
Whitman BR def Fullerton SW (2-1)
Redlands AS def USC IC (3-0)
UPS CG def Gonzaga HW (2-1)
Whitman SS def Weber RS (3-0)

Quarter Finals

Berkely SS def Gonzaga MS (3-0)
Berkeley NS def UPS CG (3-0)
Whitman SS def Berkeley RW (2-1)
Redlands AS def Whitman BR (3-0)

Semi Finals 

Berkeley SS def Redlands AS (3-0)
Berkeley NS def Whitman SS  (3-0)

Congratulations to Berkeley on closing out the tournament and taking home
what might be the sweetest trophies of the year. 

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