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Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Tue Sep 23 08:45:15 CDT 2003

Team List, Wichita State University Moorhouse Debates
Current numbers:  12 open; 13 jv; 7 novice.
I am expecting to hear from JCCC, SMS, Oklahoma, and Central Oklahoma.
I'd be happy to hear from anyone else, too.
I am expecting quarters in open & jv; semis in novice.
Send all entries and changes via email to me.
UMKC, Bryce Dietrich & Malcolm Gordon
UMKC, Andy Culp & Micheal Thomas
UNI, Michelle Kelsey and Eric Short
Emporia, David Keller/Dustin Rimmey
Emporia, Elsie Haynes/Kelly Winfrey
Baylor, Keeli Ford and Justin Works 
Baylor, Ryan Kreck and Anna Summersett
Texas, Frances Hale and Jake Hancock
Texas, Rex Douglass and Chris Thiele
K State, Adam Flagg & Joe Brown
K State, Dan Stout & Dave Collins
Kansas, Jay Kimmel and Jonathan Wright
UMKC, Marcus Leach & Matt Little
UMKC, A J Hammack & Gretchen Rix
UMKC, Brandon Dial & Amy Foster
Wisconsin Oshkosh, Rachel Raskin & Timothy Ernst
UNI, Kelsey Harr and Nate Fredericks
Baylor, Lydia Jennings and Amy Fortner
Baylor, Liz Russell and Obie Lansford
ENMU, JV Darrick Matthews and Tom Howard
KCKCC, Dan Rundus/Peter Lawson
KCKCC, Mike Haas/Jeremy Williams
KCKCC, Richard Quijas/John
KCKCC/JCCC, Mike Bean (KCKCC)/Andy Myers (JCCC)
UTSA, Mark Este & Philip DiPiazza
ENMU, Kaitlyn Mance and DalLee Zia 
Wisconsin Oshkosh, Jessica Koch & Elizabeth Riegling
Wisconsin Oshkosh, Melanie Zempel & Matt Werner
UNI, Kim Adams and Amie Steffen
Emporia, Derek Kolluri/Peter Pakdel
UTSA, Erin White & Dan Conway
UTSA, Sonya Mongomery & Marquis Williams
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