[eDebate] RE: coop=toast: c has huge lead on dean

Jack Stroube stroube
Thu Sep 25 23:48:21 CDT 2003

Thanks for demonstrating why clark's recalcitrant supporters will end up handing the VP 
spot over to hillary after clark wins.

Even your two-bit bloggers know that the National polls indicate MOMENTUM. After only 
9 days in politics, Clark controls the national stage. The perception of his lead will give 
him control of the key states in no time because nobody wants to back a LOSER. Clark 
already has the lead in Wisconsin?s Feb 17 primary -- http://wispolitics.com/
index.iml?Article=2183 ? one of the few states to poll since Clark?s announcement. I?m 
glad you know where Clark polls in your imagination, but there have been almost no 
state polls since Clark announced. He hasn?t even stepped foot in New Hampshire yet. 
But you?re right, we?ve got 4 months till primary season which is more than enough for 
a clean crush.
 The Lieberman argument is just dumb. Lieberman was still rolling on Gore-Lieberman 
name recognition four months ago. In contrast, the American public has barely heard of 
Clark and he?s already the man to beat. Dean had the novelty factor going for him with 
his net roots shtick, but his shelf life has EXPIRED. Nothing worse than rotten canned 
goods to give you the shits. The other candidates will continue to dog-pile Dean until 
Clark walks away with the nomination. Everybody but Kucinich is just jockeying for a 
Veep nomination under Clark. Too bad he?s got bigger plans...
 And what?s up with Dean raising taxes on the middle class??? Don?t you think that he 
could have spent some of his big Quarter 2 fundraising totals on coming up with a 
decent economic plan? Nobody gives a fuck that he balanced one of the smallest state 
budgets in the country. They care about JOBS and TERROR. Dean is dead.
 RE: [eDebate] coop=toast: c has huge lead on dean 
 From: Christopher Cooper ( ccooper at planning.org )
 Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 11:07:47 EDT 
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 Four months ago, Lieberman led the national polls. ?Does that mean someone 
 can credibly claim that Lieberman will win the nomination? ?Even the most 
 novice of political pundits dismiss NATIONAL polls at this point. ?We have 
 over 4 months until primary voting even starts. ?AFL-CIO has yet to make an 
 endorsement and 3rd quarter fundraising totals don't come out until October 
 15th. ?Do you know where Clark polls in key early primary states? ?(I do.) 
 Coop (not NEARLY crunchy enough to be 'toast') 
Phallus Jerkins Dabait League

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