[eDebate] Laissez-faire travel schedules?

hunt at lclark.edu hunt
Sat Sep 13 12:10:28 CDT 2003

Districts with fewer debate teams need to make cooperative arrangements 
to save policy debate in their regions. This means setting up some sort 
of regional schedule and agreeing that 2nd and 3rd teams younger teams 
at least go to those regional tournaments.
If districts don't have tournaments for younger teams to develop, 
policy is hurt. If you have to fly your teams l000 or 2000 miles away 
to debate, and do it all the time, that is damned expensive.
Having 8-l2 megatournaments at NW, Wake, Kentucky, S Georgia, etc. may 
be good for lst round prospects, but it is not good for 3rd, 4th, 
developing teams, junior and novice division teams, and squads with 
limited resources. It is obviously also NOT GOOD FOR REGIONAL DEBATE 
with the exception of a couple of regions.
The reality of current policy debate is that the NW, CA to some extent, 
and the Rockies are really really hurting in policy debate. Some other 
regions might also be mentioned upper Midwest perhaps etc.  There are 
many reasons for this which have been debated here many times 
(intensity of policy competition, exotic topics, speed of debating, 
preferential judging, adverse hs philosophies, concentration of 
resources, etc. etc. etc) but the lack of solid regional competition is 
Steve Hunt
Lewis & Clark

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