[eDebate] Laissez-faire travel schedules?

Frappier, Glen frappier
Sat Sep 13 16:47:31 CDT 2003

 damn....i'm losing my mind. thanks also to Pepperdine for making the
committment to the west.


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When I posted earlier on our efforts at promoting more west coast debate
I should have mentioned the other schools, who traditionally travel
nationally this weekend, who are joining in our efforts. USC, Weber, and
Wyoming also agree with me and are supporting our shindig out west. I
should mention that Gordon Stables was one of the folks present at the
original meeting among west coast coaches (took place over breakfast at
Baylor last year) who was a staunch advocate of creating a west coast
opener.  I appreciate the efforts of all the west coast coaches
supporting my tournaments. 


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We were having it internally in D3 (on our list... or the grouping that 
sends that you can hit reply all to...) when everyone in the district 
I'm not mistaken) was adamantaly opposed to letting a school leave D3 to

qualify with their ADA folks.  I spoke out against it then, I spoke to 
district reps before the vote, and chastised some folks who voted for it

AFTER the vote. 

I CANNOT believe that rule passed 

Ken D. 
ESU Debate 

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