[eDebate] another proposal re the mega-tournaments/d6 focus debate

dbteam dbteam
Tue Sep 16 13:15:04 CDT 2003

okay, from now on, i'm gonna follow big jim hanson around a LOT more. i always 
took jim as the strong silent type who just got by on his rugged goodlooks :) 
. but whoa, when he does speak, helluva lot of wisdom - i need to be picking 
this man's brain.

his post on this subject is the best i've read so far on the following points:

Jim says:
>1) let me start by saying that policy debate is NOT dying out because too
>many national circuit tournaments are happening in d6.
>policy debate is hurting because 1) policy debate is too hard, too fast, too
>complicated for what many college students want;

this is the truth. lots of folks in the community know it. some are afraid to 
admit it. others, i think Ede falls into this category, believe that it 
doesn't have to be this way and changes can be made to the style of debate so 
that it's more inclusive. and folks like me (and i think parcher falls into 
this category) see it as the cause but not necessarily a 'problem' to be 
solved (i've posted before on how the hard&fast approach to debate is a good 
thing and that other outlets - like parli and forms of competitive theater - 
provide opportunities that intercollegiate debate shouldn't attempt to model 
any more than folks playing football shouldn't attempt to adopt the rules of 
non-contact sports because there'd be more people playing football if it 
wasn't so physical, yadda-yadda-yadda).

Jim Says:
>now, if you mandate that first round teams spend time in their district,
>will you solve this problem? not with the current proposals. not in the
>northwest. both gonz and whitman's "first round teams" go to northwest
>tournaments (not all of them but at least 2 and usually more). I have no
>idea how this would affect the rockies. but I will say that what 300 and 500
>miles (one of ede's suggestions) sounds like on the east coast sounds very
>different over here. there are a total of 2 locations that are within 300
>miles of whitman (lewis and clark and gonzaga and maybe if you stretch it--u
>puget sound; gonzaga is within 300 miles of one tournament besides their
>own--whitman--and we aren't even hosting this year).
>further, putting those teams in doesn't bring teams from outside the
>district in for us. ditto for the rockies. it means our kids get to compete
>against each other (which they already do) and it also means that we have to
>start making choices for our teams based on an edict to stay in district and
>that choice means (assuming the 4 tournament requirement affected our kids)
>we don't get to travel outside our district as much. that puts us at a
>competitive disadvantage and constrains an already difficult task of
>supporting our district, attending national tournaments, and working with
>our students' academic schedules.

this was my concern about rules-based system that attempted to keep folks 

Jim Says:
>4) all the same, it sure would be nice to have a national circuit tournament
>in the northwest, rockies, and other less frequented areas of the country.
>so, here's my suggestion: one of the big southeast tournament's agrees to
>have a sister school in the rockies or the northwest or any other region
>that is underrepresented nationally (I think northern california and
>somewhat the upper midwest would also qualify). working with your sister
>school, you host your tournament at a northwest, rockies, etc. location
>maybe once every four years and rotate so that one of the four plus se
>tournaments occurs outside of d6 each year. so, for example, the west
>georgia tournament would occur at gonzaga--same weekend--with hester and
>frappier running the thing. :)
>this would give our programs a national circuit tournament in our area each
>year. it would bring in national competition.

this is a great idea. i had earlier thought of a 'rotation' system where we 
choose several tournaments that would operate on an every-other-year basis.

Jim Says:

>I'd offer to be a sister school but we can't host a tournament of this sort
>as not enough planes come in to walla walla/pasco to make that happen (well,
>we might be able to do a 50ish team tournament but people would rebel at the
>cost of tickets). but how about something at weber with omar--close to salt
>lake city; at gonzaga with glen--spokane has a great airport; berkeley and
>dave would be good too; how about this in the kansas city area? ticket
>prices would not be bad, you'd have the weekend where everyone is set to go,
>you have the tournament name to make the thing credible.
>that's persuasion that I think would work--assuming that se and nw/rockies
>folks are amenable to this idea. at least putting it out for thought.

UWG is definitely interested in this. we currently receive some money from the 
Tisinger family to help offset our expenses, so we'd need to recognize the 
Tisinger name in the tournament, but i really like the idea of having sort of 
a "mobile" national travel schedule.

p.s. - i nominate Las Vegas as Carrollton's "sister city."


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