[eDebate] The teachers are gone...

Andy Ellis dig
Thu Sep 25 19:54:41 CDT 2003

> My students flock to your debates because of the curiosity. They come 
> and ask, why do they need to do that? Why can't they just run normal
> arguments? I am sorry but they don't come back impressed by the 
arguments or
> the strategies. They are some times impressed by your debaters as 
> but not because of what they are saying, only how they are saying it. 
> don't doubt that people feel what you are doing. There is obviously 
> discontent with the Status Quo of debate; not enough, but a lot. Again
> though, I don't know why you can't solve this by teaching your 
students good
> arguments. Why do they have to try to rig the game in such a way that 
> they can win? Isn't this exactly what you are fighting against? 

Do you care to explain what you mean? i dont think lousiville teams rig 
the game, nor do i think they run abnormal or bad arguments? Can you 
give some examples of this so called game rigging? and abnormal 


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