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Sat Jan 10 16:21:49 CST 2004

Hi, everyone!  We've now gotten enough varsity entries that I'm pretty 
confident we'll be able to run a varsity division (we've got 2 varsity entries each 
from Towson and Case Western).  Early entry estimates appreciated for all 
divisions.  Here's the invite again.  Please note hotel deadline is January 22.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University

September 30, 2003 
Dear Friends and Colleagues: 
On behalf of the West Virginia University Debate team, I am pleased to invite 
you to the fourth annual John A. Jacobsohn Memorial Mountaineer Classic 
Debates, to be held in Morgantown, February 6-8, 2004. The tournament, 
by WVU's Eberly College of Arts, will be sanctioned by CEDA, ADA, and SAMBA. 
As indicated, the tournament will honor the memory of our late colleague John 
Jacobsohn. The Sunday awards ceremony will feature the presentation of the 
annual Jacobsohn award to a member of the debate community who has also done 
significant public service. We expect to be joined at the ceremony by 
Professor Jacobsohn's family. 
We will hold 6 preliminary rounds of debate in each division, followed by the 
appropriate number of elimination rounds. We will clear up to half of the 
teams in each division. In the unlikely event that it is necessary to hold 
partial double octafinals, we will do so on Saturday night. Since this is the 
weekend as Northwestern, we had not intended to have a varsity division. 
However, a number of schools have expressed interest in a varsity division, 
so we 
will give it a try. If we have 8 firm entries at the entry deadline, we will 
run the division (and probably add one or two WVU teams who would not be 
allowed to clear). Under no circumstances will we collapse varsity and JV. We 
also may consider alternative arrangements for varsity prelims, as 
These may include pods, 6 presets, and/or allowing teams to meet twice (on 
different sides) during prelims. We will consult as necessary with affected 
The resolution will be this year's national policy debate resolution, and the 
time limits will be 9-3-6, with ten minutes of preparation time for each 
side. Rounds one and two will be pre-set. Rounds three through six will be 
matched (none will be lagged). We will operate under the rules of the ADA, a 
copy of which may be obtained upon request. The WVU debate team supports 
CEDA's sexual harassment policy, and we will enforce it. 
Eligibility for junior varsity and novice divisions will be as determined by 
the ADA rules. Hybrid teams are eligible to participate, and they will be 
eligible to qualify for elimination rounds. 
Awards will be given to the top eight teams in the novice and junior varsity 
divisions, as well as the top four teams in varsity, and to the top 10 
speakers in the novice and junior varsity divisions, and the top three 
speakers in 
varsity. Ties between teams will be broken on the basis of: 
1. adjusted points 
2. total points 
3. opponent wins 
4. coin flip 
Speaker awards will be based upon adjusted points. Ties will be broken by: 
1. total points 
2. judge variance 
Special awards will be presented to: 
1) the school that wins the most debates during preliminary rounds; 
2) the school that is not ranked in the NDT top 50 as of February 1, 2004 
winning the most debates during preliminary rounds; 
3) the novice speaker with the highest speaker points in her/his first or 
second lifetime debate tournament (the "Best Newcomer" Award); 
4) the highest ranked JV team where both members have remaining novice 
eligibility (the "Movin' On Up" award); if there is no such team, the award 
will go 
to the highest ranked varsity team where both members have remaining jv 
5) the judge whose written ballots are deemed by the tab room staff to be the 
most educational (the Neil Butt Award). 
Judges: Each school is responsible for providing a qualified judge for each 
one or two teams entered in the tournament. A judge will be responsible for 
covering three preliminary rounds for each team entered. All judges are 
required to judge through the quarter final round or one round after your 
last team 
is eliminated, whichever occurs 
later. A VERY LIMITED number of judges will be available for hire at $100 
per uncovered team. If you need to hire judges, please enter early! Unless we 
have an unexpectedly small entry, we will use a mutually preferred judging 
system. All preferences received prior to round 1 will go into effect for 
round 3. 
Entries: Please send your entries by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, February 3, 2004. 
It is likely that we will use the Bruschke entry system, but we still need to 
finalize that. TOURNAMENT ENTRY IS FREE FOR ALL TEAMS (though we reserve the 
right to charge a nuisance fee of $50 for voluminous late drops), but we will 
still provide a variety of amenities, including dinner between rounds 1 and 2 
on Friday night, lunch between rounds 3 and 4 on Saturday, lunch after the 
awards ceremony on Sunday, a hospitality room with healthy and less-healthy 
snacks, awards, a Saturday night bowling tournament (with one lucky recipient 
to be 
chosen for the Maxwell Schnurer Bowling Award), and a reception for coaches 
on Friday night. 
Entries may be sent by telephone (304-293-3811, ext. 5290), fax 
(304-293-8644, or e-mail (<A HREF="mailto:nberch at wvu.edu%3FSubject=Re:%20%5BeDebate%5D%20WVU%20Tournament--free%20entries!%26In-Reply-To=118.2981e403.2cab3f51 at aol.com">nberch at wvu.edu</A> or <A HREF="mailto:berchnorto at aol.com%3FSubject=Re:%20%5BeDebate%5D%20WVU%20Tournament--free%20entries!%26In-Reply-To=118.2981e403.2cab3f51 at aol.com">berchnorto at aol.com</A>). We would be 
appreciative of early entry estimates. 
The tournament hotel will be the Hampton Inn of Morgantown. Pairings will be 
distributed there on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and the Friday night 
reception for coaches will take place there as well. Our block has a flat 
rate of 
$60 for up to 4 people, with continental breakfast included. The direct 
number for the Hampton Inn is 304-599-1200, or you may use the national 
reservations number (1-800-Hampton). Please use the code for our block (EAS). 
If you 
run into problems, our contact at the hotel is Christina Gnagey.  The 
deadline for 
the block is January 22. 
Schedule (and please note that we will vigorously enforce the 15 minute 
forfeit rule. Please also note that we are attempting to operate on more 
student-friendly hours): 
Friday, February 6: 
3:30 PM-4:30 PM: Registration on the 3rd floor of Woodburn Hall (the 
building with the clock). Most business will already have been done via 
5:00 Opening meeting 
5:30 Round 1 
7:45 Dinner break (sandwiches, probably from Subway) 
8:15 Round 2 
11:00 Reception for Coaches and Judges at the Hampton Inn 
Saturday, February 7: 
8:30 Round 3 pairings available at Hampton Inn and at Woodburn Hall 
10:00 Round 3 
12:00 lunch-probably pizza 
1:15 Round 4 
4:00 Round 5 
6:00 Dinner on your own (please note the Food Court in the Mountainlair just 
across the street from the tournament rooms. It features a burger place, a 
Sbarro's, a sandwich shop, and a Chinese fast food establishment). 
6:45 Round 6 
10:00 Bowling Party in Mountainlair 
Sunday, February 8: 
7:30 Elimination round pairings released at Hampton Inn and Woodburn Hall. 
8:30 First elimination round 
10:45 Awards Ceremony 
11:30 Lunch-probably sandwiches, chips, etc. 
12:45 Second elimination round 
3:30 Third elimination round 
6:00 Fourth elimination round if needed. 
Morgantown is easily accessible by Interstate 68 from the East, and by 
Interstate 79 from the North and South. The hills of West Virginia are 
any time of the year, but they are especially pretty in February (really!). 
hope to see many of you, and we look forward to returning the hospitality 
many of you have shown us these past several years. 
Neil Berch 
Associate Professor of Political Science 
and Debate Coach 
on behalf of the WVU Debate Team 
>From I-79 North: Take exit 155, Star City. Stay in the right lane after you 
leave the ramp, and bear right at the traffic light. You will cross a bridge 
and travel through a traffic light. As you reach the top of the hill, you 
will come to another traffic light. Make a left at that light (on to Patteson 
Drive). Travel through 2 more traffic lights, and continue until you see the 
Hampton Inn on your left (just as you come around a bend). 
>From I-79 South: Take exit 155, Star City. Make a left at the end of the 
ramp. Get in the right lane, and bear right at the traffic light. You will 
cross a bridge and travel through a traffic light. As you reach the top of 
hill, you will come to another traffic light. Make a left at that light (on 
Patteson Drive). Travel through 2 more traffic lights, and continue until 
you see the Hampton Inn on your left (just as you come around a bend). 
>From I-68 West: Take exit 7, Pierpont Road, and turn right. Follow for 
about a mile, and turn left on to 119 South. At the second light, turn right. 
Continue to the 5th light and turn left on to Van Voorhis Road. The Hampton 
is about a half mile on your right. 
To the Mountainlair from Hampton Inn 
Turn RIGHT out of Hampton Inn 
Take LEFT at the first stop light 
Continue straight through light, pass McDonald's (will be on road a little 
Go STRAIGHT through light at four way intersection, pass large new building 
and around a loop; 
Turn LEFT at 2nd light (Spruce Street) after loop (you will have gone about 
1.8 miles from the Hampton Inn by then) 
At stop sign, turn LEFT 
At stop sign, turn RIGHT (High Street) 
Take immediate LEFT 
Park in Area 3 of Mountainlair Garage (furthest entrance) 
On Friday, you may park in lot 3 in the Mountainlair Garage. WVU debaters 
will be at the entrance with parking permits. They will also direct you to 
Woodburn Hall, the tournament headquarters (about a block and a half from the 
parking area). Please allow a reasonable time to get to Woodburn, as Friday 
afternoon traffic in Morgantown is surprisingly heavy. After 5pm on Friday, 
may park in spaces behind Woodburn that are not designated as reserved or 
handicapped. On Saturday and Sunday, parking in lot 3 is free, and you may 
fight each other for the free (not reserved or handicapped) spaces behind 

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