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Greetings all,

I posted this over break, but have been told by a few that they never
got it . . .  so I decided I'd repost, even though it is a long message.

Seriously, if you have any plans on going to the NDT, you need to read

Greetings debate world,

The NDT committee met at NCA in November, and a number of important
decisions were made that will affect application to and
participation in the NDT this year.

Below is a list composed of
1) gentle reminders for pertinent dates, and
2) items passed at the meeting.

This is important stuff.  YOU SHOULD READ IT ALL.  If you have any
questions, feel free to contact me.  Sorry for the
long post, but I have tried to include some history and rationale for
the various items.

The next NDT committee meeting will be at the Northwestern Tournament.

1. Eligibility verification.  Due February 8, 2004

As per the standing rules of the NDT

To be an eligible debater for the National Debate Tournament, a student
must provide, by February 8th to the NDT committee chair, an
official document from appropriate university officials verifying that
he/she is registered as an undergraduate student and is in good
standing at the school, for which he/she is participating, as of
February 1st immediately preceding the NDT in which he/she wishes to

For explanations of terms, see the AFA code:

As a helpful summary, these are the items I check for when reviewing the
1) the student is enrolled as a degree-seeking student
2) the student is in good standing as of Feb 1
3) the student is registered as an undergraduate

Send forms to:

Cate Palczewski
NDT Chair
Lang 326
Cedar Falls, IA  50614-0139

2. Judge philosophies: Philosophies will be exclusively in electronic
form this year.  They still need to be submitted to the Judge
Philosophy committee chair, a post long ably filled by Mike Berry.
Procedures for submission of judge philosophies will be posted in a
later message.

3. Bid application Fee: You MUST pay a $50 application fee per team to
be considered for an at large (first or second) round bid.
(This is in addition to the required NDT subscription fee). And, all
forms must be submitted electronically via the debateresults cite:

Historically, bids needed to be fed exed to each committee member, an
expense that far exceeded $50 per team.  With the advent of the
computer, bids were emailed.  The next step in electronic application
has now arrived.  Thanks to the fabulous work of John Bruschke,
we are now ready to use computer generated bids, which will make
everyone?s life easier.  However, there are expenses related to web
design and upkeep.  In order to defray these costs the committee has
instituted a fee.  The actual rules changes that passed are listed

Motion 1: Amend rule II C 1 b to read:
b. Those subscribing schools wishing to nominate their teams for
At-Large consideration must submit copies of their completed
electronic Official NDT At-Large Application (without covering letters
or other supplementary materials) no later than a February date for
First Round At-Large and a March date for Second Round At-Large. The
specific dates will be established each year by the National
Committee. Applications must be received by this date and sent to the
Chair of the National Committee in accordance with instructions.
Schools submitting at-large applications must have paid their NDT
subscription fee prior to submitting their application for the bid to be


 Motion 2: Amend rule II C 1 by adding
d. All teams wishing to be considered for an at-large bid must pay
$50.00 to the treasurer of the NDT board of trustees. Payment must
be received by the appropriate deadline for the application.

The fee must be received by the NDT Board of Trustees treasurer (Brett
O'Donnell) by the application deadlines listed below.  Brett is
working on developing a pay-pal system, but also will accept a check or
money order made out to the NDT, RECEIVED BY THE
APPLICATION DEADLINE, sent to the following address:

Brett O'Donnell
NDT Treasurer
Liberty University Debate
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA  24502

4. NDT Bid and district dates: More information about the NDT will be
coming out in the Director's newsletter, but here are the
dates for applications.

The NDT is April 2-5, with registration on the 1st.


                                FIRST ROUND AT LARGE BIDS

Must be received* by Committee Members           February 12, 2004 (5 PM
Committee calls or e-mail to Director                   February 14-15,
Director Announces
February 16, 2004

                                DISTRICT PROCEDURES

Declaration of intent to attend District                 February 17,
Announcement of district bids                           February 18,

                                SECOND ROUND AT LARGE BIDS

Must be received* by Committee Members           March 4, 2004 (5 PM
Committee calls or e-mail to Director                   March 6-7, 2004
Director Announces                                               March
8, 2004

Note: Director's e-mail         dwparson at ku.edu
        Home Phone      785-843-2382

*Received: now means uploaded on debateresults and the application fee
received by the NDT treasurer.

5. Scouting.
The committee has instituted a new scouting procedure in response to
community demand.  Basically, the committee decided to centralize
scouting, so that all schools had access to information and to limit the
amount of post- and pre-round disruption.  Designated scounts
will be trained to be as least disruptive as possible.  Those not
participating in the collective scouting pool will simply be designated
observers, and will need to abide by the existing rules concerning
scounting passed a few years back.  The exact changes are below.

Rule IV.F.6 has been amended -- with wording changes to (c) and (d)
added to rule 6.

6.  Tournament disclosure, scouting, and observers

c. Observer Guidelines.
(1) Prior to the announcement of the decision in the debate, observers
should collect their information exclusively from the posted
disclosure sheets or from direct observation of the debate.
(2) Observers should not interrupt pre-round preparation by asking
questions of either team.
(3) Observers should not intrude during the debate by reading evidence
or the 1AC. This includes the cross-examination periods.
(4) After the debate, observers should not attempt to read evidence
until all three judges have voted and all tournament scouts have had
the opportunity to collect information. Observers should not interrupt
post-debate discussions.
(5) After the post-round discussion the observers should expect no more
than a ten minute period in which they can inspect evidence for
citations from the debate. Neither scouts nor observers should  copy
entire pieces of evidence, either by hand or electronically.

d) The NDT committee shall appoint scouting co-directors(who are
released from judging requirements), who shall continuously
make available to the tournament participants the information gathered,
and train and direct official scouts who shall:
1) complete pre-tournament scouting training and abide by the rules and
guidelines established for scouts
2) deliver to the scouting directors the information gathered
immediately after the round
3) Have the authority to gather information in ways that do not disrupt
the debate process as directed by the scouting directors
4) Debaters are required to provide evidence they have read only to
judges, opponents, and official scouts who request it.

6. Power matching change:

As some background, pairing procedures are not part of the NDT Standing
Rules, but are under the purview of the director.  However,
the committee has made recommendations in the past concerning power
matching, and the Director has always followed those
recommendations.  The existing power matching procedure is one
recommended by a past NDT committee.  As power-matching theory
evolved, so, too, have the recommendations of the committee.

Therefore, in response to feedback from the community, the NDT committee
passed the following:

The NDT Committee recommends that the NDT Director use the following
procedure to equalize sides on brackets in high-low power
matched rounds: Teams with the weakest opposition record should be
pulled from the lower bracket and placed on ballots (then high-low
points) in the higher bracket.

7. Videotaping:  NDT rule IV.F.1 concerning videotaping has been
changed.  It now reads:

?Electronic recording of debates is allowed by official participants and
observers affiliated with a school attending the NDT and by
authorized researchers.?

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