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Hi all,

As Cate posted earlier, a number of important changes have been made to the 
NDT standing rules.  One of the more substantial changes involves the creation 
of a scouting system.  The section of the amended rules is provided below.

I am working on a full outline of how the system will work, but basically 
trained scouts who will have special priveleges, and will hopefully be provided 
by schools attending the NDT, will submit extensive scouting information to two 
scouting directors. The scouting directors will supervise the scouts, 
organize the material, and publish it to the web immediately after each round.  If 
every cooperates, we should be able to get the material posted to a website from 
the previous round before the next round begins.

At this point we (Glenn Frappier and I are co-directors and  sole "scouting 
commitee members") who are looking for two coaches who are interested in 
serving as scouting directors.

Their jobs include:

1.  Helping to train the scouts prior to the tournament.  
2.  Supervising the scouts to make sure they are following the rules.  Scout 
directors could remove someone's "scout badge" if the scout proves to be 
3.  Organize the materials submitted by the scouts and post it to the web as 
soon as-is practically possible.

In exchange, the scouting directors will be released from their four round 
judging obligation.  Additional release time (f you have a large commitment) is 

In order to reduce interference with coaching -- we imagine scouting 
directors will want to coach their teams -- we envision a system where the scouts are 
automatically assigned by room to scout debates so scouting directors (and 
scouts) will be free to assist their teams from the moment the pairing is read 
until the scheduled start of the debate.  From the scheduled start of the debate 
until the time the next pairing is read we expect the scouting directors to 
be fully-engaged in assisting with scouting and publication of the material on 
the web.

I realize the full parameters of the job and how the system will precisely 
function are a little ill-defined at the moment, but those details are being 
developed and will be discussed at the NDT meeting at Northwestern.  Since we 
think the potential scouting directors would like some input in the specifics, we 
thought  now would be a good time to see if anyone was interested.

Thanks, Stefan

5. Scouting. 
The committee has instituted a new scouting procedure in response to 
community demand. Basically, the committee decided to centralize 
scouting, so that all schools had access to information and to limit the 
amount of post- and pre-round disruption. Designated scounts 
will be trained to be as least disruptive as possible. Those not 
participating in the collective scouting pool will simply be designated 
observers, and will need to abide by the existing rules concerning 
scounting passed a few years back. The exact changes are below. 

Rule IV.F.6 has been amended -- with wording changes to (c) and (d) 
added to rule 6. 

6. Tournament disclosure, scouting, and observers 

c. Observer Guidelines. 
(1) Prior to the announcement of the decision in the debate, observers 
should collect their information exclusively from the posted 
disclosure sheets or from direct observation of the debate. 
(2) Observers should not interrupt pre-round preparation by asking 
questions of either team. 
(3) Observers should not intrude during the debate by reading evidence 
or the 1AC. This includes the cross-examination periods. 
(4) After the debate, observers should not attempt to read evidence 
until all three judges have voted and all tournament scouts have had 
the opportunity to collect information. Observers should not interrupt 
post-debate discussions. 
(5) After the post-round discussion the observers should expect no more 
than a ten minute period in which they can inspect evidence for 
citations from the debate. Neither scouts nor observers should copy 
entire pieces of evidence, either by hand or electronically. 

d) The NDT committee shall appoint scouting co-directors(who are 
released from judging requirements), who shall continuously 
make available to the tournament participants the information gathered, 
and train and direct official scouts who shall: 
1) complete pre-tournament scouting training and abide by the rules and 
guidelines established for scouts 
2) deliver to the scouting directors the information gathered 
immediately after the round 
3) Have the authority to gather information in ways that do not disrupt 
the debate process as directed by the scouting directors 
4) Debaters are required to provide evidence they have read only to 
judges, opponents, and official scouts who request it. 

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