[eDebate] 2004-05 Topic Options

Spmancuso at aol.com Spmancuso
Wed Jan 14 13:56:25 CST 2004

Thanks to all who have been posting recently regarding topic ideas for next year, including your comments about the "list" approach.  Many valuable points have been raised.

Speaking for the committee I assure you that we read every word of every related post.  

Briefly, here is where we stand so far for next year.  Our goal is to find topic areas that deal primarily with domestic issues, loosely defined.  However we are not so committed to domestic-only topics that we will endorse topic areas we think are not satisfactory.

We have received only one new area proposal based on a paper - it was written by Ryan Galloway and concerns the Supreme Court.  Basically, it supports a resolution that advocates that the US Supreme Court overrule one of its decisions, with a provided list of a wide variety of the Court's decisions.  There are a variety of other Court-related approaches that would also be considered under that area.

Second, we are seeking to update the Energy Policy topic paper from last year and are likely to include it again on the ballot.

Third, we are looking into a consolidated "health care" area which will include ideas from last year's "health care coverage" topic, and previous approaches concerning regulation of medical research and biomedical policies.

We also have a short list of high potential topic areas that need researched: 

immigration (update last year's paper)
sports law (including Title 9)
homeland security (emphasis on civil rights)

We need volunteers.  We need volunteers. We need volunteers.  

Please contact me if you are interested in (1) updating the energy policy paper, (2) updating/consolidating the health care area, (3) starting the work on any of the above second-tier list ideas, (4) starting the work on any other topic idea you might have.

You do not need to write a long, formal paper to be helpful.  Even short papers about wording suggestions, or short papers discussing ground issues can be extremely valuable to us at this point.

Thanks again for all the discussion to this point, please keep it up.

Steve Mancuso
Topic Committee Chair

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