[eDebate] feb 20-22, spokane wa policy tournament

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Wed Jan 14 15:35:00 CST 2004

hey all

below, you'll find the invitation for the spokane falls tournament with the
material relevant to policy debate included.

join us! flights into spokane are cheap--southwestern flys into town.

tentatively, eric slusher from gonzaga university will be handling the tab

entries will be possible on the debate results web page soon. as far as I
know all or nearly all teams from gonzaga, whitman, ups (those three are
definite), wwu, and oregon are all going to be attending.

make plans to come to the beautiful northwest for what should be a good

jim :)

Craig Rickett
Spokane Falls Community College 
Speech and Debate 
3410 W. Ft. George Wright Drive
Spokane, WA  99224 

craigr at spokanefalls.edu

Monday, December 22, 2003

Happy Holidays and wishes for a prosperous and peaceful new year to you all;

First, I hope you are all enjoying some well-deserved time off to refresh
and recharge for the coming quarters/semesters.  And please pardon me if
this invitation gets a little lengthy.  As one of the ?new? tournaments, I
am wanting to provide enough information so you can feel comfortable and
confident in bringing your teams to Spokane.  That being said  . . . .
The Spokane Falls Community College Speech and Debate Club, WA Lambda
chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, and the Northwest Forensic Conference invite you
and your students to attend the final NFC designated tournament of the
2003-04 season, February 20 ? 22, 2004, on the campus of SCC (yes, you read
that correctly) in Spokane, WA.   Due to conflicts with large meeting spaces
on our campus, we have moved the tournament to our other college in the
district.  Spokane Community is ten to fifteen minutes from the downtown
tournament hotel, so accessibility is still no problem.  SCC?s campus is
easily accessed (15 minutes) from the airport and I-90.  Oregon and southern
Washington squads along the I-5 corridor can drive four lane interstate
and/or highway all the way into Spokane  (traction tires are advised).
Directions to the hotel and to the campus are in this packet.  

The tournament is sanctioned by CEDA and NPDA.  

Our tournament will feature the following:
1.	Two preliminary rounds of the traditional eleven NIET individual
events in three patterns.  Senior, Junior and Novice division competitors
may double enter in all three patterns for a total of six individual events.
We will schedule semi-final rounds if entries warrant in an event.
2.	A special event in honor of Black History Month ? extemporaneous
interpretation.  Please see event descriptions.
3.	Six rounds of policy debate in Open and Junior Divisions with
appropriate elimination rounds. 
4.	Six rounds of parliamentary debate in Open, Junior and Novice
divisions with appropriate elimination rounds.
5.	An efficient and friendly tab room staff headed by Dr. Michael
Ingram of Whitworth College.

It will be winter in Spokane; students are encouraged to plan and to dress
accordingly.  But the chill weather will provide a counterpoise to some warm
Inland Empire hospitality and some hot competition.  We look forward to
seeing you and your students in Spokane this February.  


Craig Rickett				Angelina Malmsten
Darlene Rickett
Director of Intercollegiate 		Debate Assistant		I.E.
Speech and Debate 


The tournament will be held on the campus of Spokane Community College (SCC)
and NOT  at Spokane Falls campus.  I realize the potential for confusion,
but space became an issue, so moving the tournament became necessary.   Maps
of, and directions to, the campus can be accessed online at 



Deadline for entries is Tuesday, February 17th at 5:00 p.m.   I have some
mild concerns about space at SCC, so I do reserve the right to limit entries
(probably only in debate) if the number of entries exceeds our capacity to
accommodate them.   Late squad entries may be refused and will be charged an
additional $50.00; please have entries in on time. 

Deadline for adds and drops is Thursday, February 19th at 5:00 p.m.  No
further entries will be accepted after this time.  Drops made after this
time will be charged full entry fees.   

Send Entries to: 
Craig Rickett 
craigr at spokanefalls.edu
or FAX to 509.533.3651
please no phone entries.  

We will run a Junior and Senior division policy debate.  Division
definitions for policy debate are based on guidelines established by the
NFC.  Please refer to the NFC bylaws for proper division placement.  Teams
composed of debaters with different levels of experience must enter at the
level of the most experienced debater.  

Topic is the 2003-04 topic --  Resolved: that the United States Federal
Government should enact one or more of the following: 
?	Withdrawal of its World Trade Organization complaint against the
European Union?s restrictions on genetically modified foods; 
?	A substantial increase in its government-to-government economic
and/or conflict prevention assistance to Turkey and/or Greece; 
?	Full withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; 
?	Removal of its barriers to and encouragement of substantial European
Union and/or North Atlantic Treaty Organization participation in
peacekeeping in Iraq and reconstruction in Iraq; 
?	Removal of its tactical nuclear weapons from Europe; 
?	Harmonization of its intellectual property law with the European
Union in the area of human DNA sequences; 
?	Rescission of all or nearly all agriculture subsidy increases in the
2002 Farm Bill. 
Format:  9-3-6 with 10 minutes of prep. time per team.  
Judges:  Please make every attempt to cover every team with a judge (one
judge covers 1-2 teams.  We will try to recruit judges from the local pool,
but there are no guarantees of availability of hired judges, and I reserve
the right to limit policy entries if warranted by judge availability. 
Debate awards:  1st, 2nd, Semifinalists, Quarterfinalists, etc in all
divisions of both debate events. 
Debate Speaker Awards:  Top five speakers in all divisions of both debate
Individual Events:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Finalists
Sweepstakes:  1st, 2nd, 3rd   in all three divisions using the NFC point

School Fee	$30.00 
NFC Fee	$ 4.50 per student
Debate Team	$60.00 per team 
Uncovered Debate teams	 $100.00 per team
IE 	$6.00 per slot (Duo counts as one slot) 
Uncovered IE slots  (one judge =10 slots)	$10  
We have contracted with the WestCoast Ridpath Hotel to serve as the
tournament hotel.  The Ridpath is located downtown, 515 W Sprague Avenue,
and is within walking distance of many downtown eateries and watering holes.
The Ridpath is charging a flat rate of $55.00 (tax not included) for 1-4
people.   The Ridpath, part of the WestCoast/Red Lion family, is a historic
Spokane hotel that has recently been refurbished.  We trust that you will be
most comfortable there.  To guarantee the tournament rate, please make
reservations by calling 509.838.2711 (or central reservations @
800.325.4000) and identify the Spokane Falls CC Speech and Debate
Tournament.   Please inquire directly with the hotel about charter bus and
van parking.  I have been assured that it will not be a problem to park at
or around the hotel.   If you have any problems with your reservation,
please contact Jennifer Rounsaville at 509.777.6359.  

Reservations must be made by January 22 to secure this rate.  After that
date, rates will depend on availability.  

Evening activities and eateries are readily available within a short walk of
the hotel.  Whether you?re looking for fast food or a nice sit-down meal,
there is quite a variety within a six or seven block radius.  Please inquire
at the hotel.  

To the Hotel:  From I-90 East or Westbound, take the Division Street exit.
Proceed North (toward downtown and away from the hospitals) to Sprague
Avenue.  Proceed West (a left turn) to the Ridpath hotel.  Piece of cake!

To get on and about SCC campus, please refer to the website below.  We will
house the tournament in the Student Union Building, Building 6, with most of
the competition taking place in Building 1.  


PROPOSED SCHEDULE (Subject to change according to room availability Friday

2004 SFCC Speech &Debate Tournament
Tentative Schedule
Thursday, Feb. 19th
8:30 ? 11:00 pm		Pre-registration 
				Ridpath Hotel 

Friday, Feb. 20th
11:00 am ? 12:30 pm		Registration 
1:00 pm ? 3:30 Policy I
4:00 pm ? 6:30 Policy II
7:00 pm ? 9:30 Policy III

Saturday, Feb. 21st
8:00 am ? 10:00am		Continental Breakfast
8:30 am ?11:00 Policy IV
11:00 am ? 12:15 pm		Extemp Draw 
11:15 am ? 12:30 pm		Round I Pattern B
12:30 pm ? 1:00 pm 		Lunch Break
12:45:				Extemp Draw
1:00 pm ? 2:15 pm		Round II Pattern B
2:15 pm  ?  4:45 Policy V
5:30 pm ? 8:00 Policy VI

Sunday, Feb. 22nd
8:00 ? 10:00 am			Continental Breakfast
9:30 am?11:30 Policy Elim I
11:45 am ? 1:00 pm		Finals Pattern B & C
1:30 pm ? 3:30 Policy Elim II
3:30 pm (or ASAP)		Awards 
4:30 (or ASAP) Policy Final Rd

Conflict Patterns ?

Pattern B:  Persuasion (N,J,S); Extemp (N,J,S); POI (J,S) Duo  (J,S) 

 jim hanson :)
 hansonjb at whitman.edu

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