[eDebate] WDA News Alert!! Unification Match announced

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Wed Jan 14 17:03:03 CST 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The rules of the WDA do not normally allow for such mega-events at a Round 
Robin, but the WDA Governing Council can no longer ignore the outcry for a 
match between the Crimson Crusaders and the Berkeley BlockBusters.

I have just returned from an emergency meeting of the WDAGC. And although the 
meeting was rather contentious, a consensus emerged:

1) There will be a unification match at the Dartmouth Round Robin! YOU WANTED 

2) The magnitude of this match requires special rules, and thus, what follows 
are the rules established for what we at the WDAGC are calling the "Hell in 
Hanover" Match:

a) no disqualification. the decision of the judge will be final.

b) the decision of who won will be held in confidence by Ken Strange (who, 
during our meeting, was designated an 'honorary' WDA official) until the end 
of the tournament.

occurs Round 1, subsequent rounds will not be considered 'tile defenses.'

and the  ****Special Clause**** that will SHOCK the community...

d) The winner of that match will be declared both the US and World Tag Team 
champions. BUT, that team will only exit the Dartmouth Round Robin as "unified 
champions" IF they ALSO win the tournament. If the winner of the Berkeley 
SS/Harvard KT debate does not finish first overall at the Dartmouth Round 
Robin, they will retain the US belts BUT the World Tag Team Belts will be 
declared VACANT by the WDA Governing Council, setting up an extravaganza at 
the Owen L. Coon Tournament where the belts will be up for grabs. We're 
tentatively calling that event "Chaos at the Coon".

Dean vs. Clark? puhleeze...

New Hampshire is now going to host a real battle of behemoths. Tickets to the 
Dartmouth Round Robin are already sold out, fans. Sorry.

But be sure to check this site for updates on possible "real-time" news 
coverage of the match.

And make sure to reserve your seats now for the "Chaos at the Coon" - tickets 
are going fast!

Warrior Debate Association

>===== Original Message From Dallas Perkins <dperkins at fas.harvard.edu> =====
>Michael Klinger asked me to forward this to the list.  I take no
>responsibility for the content.
>Tejinder, Tejinder, Tejinder... gotten a little full of ourselves recently
>haven't we? You talk pretty big for someone who spent five years earning the
>right to debate with Stacey's left-overs, but that's besides the point.
>In any case, you seem to be yearning an opportunity to unite the belts. Well,
>here it is. Hanover, this weekend, we'll put our US title on the line against
>your World title, winner takes all. Your points about the round robin in
>general are valid ones, it's hard to imagine how the belt exchange would go
>down if they could get passed around from one team to another. The original
>rules, as I understand them, were that Round Robins would not feature title
>belt contests. Nonetheless, both teams can agree to put our respective belts
>on the line for our one head-to-head showdown... should you decide to accept
>our challenge. If you're too scared to accept, I undestand, as a couple of
>aging has-beens, you might want to save your strength for the few fights you
>have left in you.
>p.s. Jonah Feldman will be taking wagers if anyone would like to get in on
>this action. Early commentators have been quick to point out that the 
>Golden Bears are inexperienced debating in the New England cold. The Harvard
>Crimson is, after all, undefeated when game time temperature is minus 10 or
>less. Weather forecasters are predicting a frigid weekend in Hanover.
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