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Christopher Cooper ccooper
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REUTERS - Clark and Lieberman are desperately trying to avoid a fifth place
showing that could cripple their candidacies. 

"Clark and Lieberman are not out of the running for third place -- but Clark
has experienced steady downward movement and Lieberman has yet to catch on,"
Zogby said. 

The poll of 684 likely primary voters was taken Sunday and Monday and has a
margin of error of 3.8 percentage points. It is the final poll in New

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i think there are some surprises to be had today but still not predicting a
partially because clark does not necessarily need this state to sweep the
february 3rd 
states.   the polls are off in n hampshire b/c they do not take into account
and only poll registered democrats likely to vote for kerry.   this is the
random factor 
that will produce the surprises today as they did last night when clark
stole the lead: 


                 The first voters in the nation's first primary have spoken
- and they chose 
Wes Clark to be the Democratic nominee for the general election in November.
won in both Dixville Notch and Hart's Location.                   

The tiny northern New Hampshire towns traditionally vote just after midnight
on Election 
Day and announce the results immediately. In Dixville Notch, population 33,
just 16 
voters are eligible to participate in the Democratic Primary. In Hart's
Location only 19 of 
the 39 residents are eligible.                   

Clark spent Monday barnstorming through the Granite State on a ten-county
tour. He 
ended the day in Dixville Notch's Balsams Hotel - just before midnight and
just before 
the vote.                   

Resident Tom Tillotson moderated the town's vote, and drew the name of the
first voter 
from a hat. About 50 miles south of Dixville Notch, in Hart's Location
voters cast their 
ballots at the Notchland Inn.                   

Clark was the only major Democratic candidate to visit the two towns.
Clearly the voters 
liked what they saw when they met Wes Clark. The residents cast their votes
for a higher 
standard of leadership.                  

In recent weeks, Clark has taken his vision of a better America to every
corner of the 
Granite State. He has inspired voters with his life story and his
progressive plans for tax 
reform, educational opportunity and health care access.                  

The rest of New Hampshire will vote throughout the day on Tuesday. Clark
will then turn 
his attention to the next primary states, where he also has a strong
organization and 
loyal grassroots support.                  

Phallus Jerkins Dabait League

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