[eDebate] why space is in the news so much

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Sun Jan 11 02:59:22 CST 2004

I'll bite.  In general i hate W, though i think its also clear that the Dems 
are in such disarray, that we are all just going to be waiting 4 more years 
for Hillary to run and clean up the mess he has and will continue to make.

However, I am happy to see his commitment to space.  No doubt the military 
will utilize it in every way possible, but I cant see how space exploration 
will, on balance create any more social control than is inevitable in teh 
status quo under teh war on terrorism.  Guantanamo Bay scares me, the 
Patriot Act (both versions) scare the shit out of me.........but colonizing 
mars?  If the global warming predictions i read in the paper are right, 
seems like we better be making an effort to get off the rock, asap.



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