[eDebate] Topics for 2004-2005 (list)

Jean Paul Lacy lacyjp
Fri Jan 16 00:24:37 CST 2004

Not that Jamie can't fend for himself, but...

If all you can make is size references about Jaime Carroll, I suggest you 
research your facts first.

And, no creative reading of any debate topic will ever make you a marine.

Another thing: I thought your Eastern Europe topic paper was well 
constructed, well researched, but still too narrow to in my opinion.

Plus "T debates good because they limit he aff to a set of generic 
positions" contradicts the brunt of your "Blue Star Topical" arguments.

And, how did the Wake v "Blue Star" score end up anyway?


At 12:40 AM 1/16/2004, Tejinder Singh wrote:

>OK...you fucked with the wrong marine. First of all, you're not big enough 
>to make ad homs.
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