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Jack Stroube stroube
Fri Jan 16 20:57:06 CST 2004

i think mr. moore made several challenges to the proliferation of 
guns.  he seemingly linked littleton colorado to the defense industry 
and the clinton declaration of the most devastating bombing campaign 
in history against iraq the morning of columbine.   his endorsement of 
clark includes international "gun control" or military scalebacks.

explicitly, moore challenges heston's staged NRA public appearances 
immediately after columbine in littleton and then the one in michigan 
after the shooting by a 7 year old or whoever the young person was.  
moore's question is: can't you sacrifice your gun happy quest for one 
second and respect these communities that have been ravaged by 
murders?   i think the sentimental moore characterizes himself as a 
right to bear arms guy who has been molded into gun control ideas by 
experiences like columbine that led him to successfully protest the 
sale of ammunition at target.   moore might endorse hunting but i 
don't think he is on the private militia w semi-automatic weaponry 
bandwagon like you portray.   i think he is showing why canadians are 
not drawn the violent extremism that americans are.   gun control is 
not necessary in canada b/c columbine doesn't happen in canada 
followed by a visit from charlton heston to your hometown to rub it in 
your face that a free market on weapons is a good thing.

the main thing is that michael moore is a fucking cock for leaving out 
the fact of heston's alzheimer's from his so-called "documentary".   
the scene at the end with him hoisting a picture of the dead girl from 
michigan and trying to get heston to "remember" or show so some 
compassion for her death is pathetic crap.  i can't believe he is so 
popular beyond sentimental cow masses arguments.

> maybe i missed something...did everyone watch the same movie i did?  
> remember mike telling stories about his own experiences with guns--
how he
> grew up with guns and was quite familiar with them.  in fact, didn't 
> mention he was a life member of the NRA in his conversation with 
> perhaps i misread it--but the film wasn't about gun control or how 
guns were
> evil.  his question isn't "why guns?" it's "why violence?"  remember 
> that talk about canada and per capita guns and fewer gun murders, 
> perhaps you could elucidate this "changing positions" arg further...
> jason
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> > don't worry i am gonna take my swipes at moore in 16 years of 
blowjobs for
> everybody.
> > for one, he prostituted an alzheimer's victim named Charlton 
Heston before
> the
> > american public as if that constitutes a challenge to gun control 
that he
> is now
> > conveniently reversing his position on but here's moore letter 
which has
> some value
> > since he is closely following the race.    the potential success of
> moore's forthcoming
> > movie could bring momentum this summer for clark against W.  also 
> stromboli
> > moore plays hard the clark will cream bush line:
> >
> > http://www.clark04.com/moore/
> >
> > I'll Be Voting For Wesley Clark/Good-Bye Mr. Bush
> >          --by Michael Moore
> >
> > January 14, 2004
> >
> > Many of you have written to me in the past months asking, "Who are 
> going to vote
> > for this year?"
> >
> > I have decided to cast my vote in the primary for Wesley Clark. 
> right, a peacenik is
> > voting for a general. What a country!
> >
> > I believe that Wesley Clark will end this war. He will make the 
rich pay
> their fair share of
> > taxes. He will stand up for the rights of women, African
> Americans, and the
> > working people of this country.
> >
> > And he will cream George W. Bush.
> >
> > I have met Clark and spoken to him on a number of occasions, 
feeling him
> out on the
> > issues but, more importantly, getting a sense of him as a          
> being. And I have
> > to tell you I have found him to be the real deal, someone whom I'm
> convinced all of you
> > would like, both as a person and          as the individual 
leading this
> country. He is an
> > honest, decent, honorable man who would be a breath of fresh air 
in the
> White House.
> > He is clearly          not a professional politician. He is 
clearly not
> from Park Avenue. And
> > he is clearly the absolute best hope we have of defeating George 
W. Bush.
> >
> > This is not to say the other candidates won't be able to beat 
Bush, and I
> will work
> > enthusiastically for any of the non-Lieberman 8 who might 
get          the
> nomination.
> > But I must tell you, after completing my recent 43-city tour of 
> country, I came to the
> > conclusion that Clark has the best chance          of beating 
Bush. He is
> going to inspire
> > the independents and the undecided to come our way. The hard core 
> us) already
> > have their minds made up.          It's the fence sitters who will 
> this election.
> >
> > The decision in November is going to come down to 15 states and 
just a few
> percentage
> > points. So, I had to ask myself -- and I want you to 
honestly          ask
> yourselves -- 
> > who has the BEST chance of winning Florida, West Virginia, Arizona,
> Nevada, Missouri,
> > Ohio? Because THAT is the only thing that is going          to 
matter in
> the end. You know
> > the answer -- and it ain't you or me or our good internet doctor.
> >
> > This is not about voting for who is more anti-war or who was anti-
> first or who the
> > media has already anointed. It is about backing a candidate that
> shares our values
> > AND can communicate them to Middle America. I am convinced that 
the surest
> slam
> > dunk to remove Bush is with a
> four-star-general-top-of-his-class-at-West-Point-
> > Rhodes-Scholar-Medal-of-Freedom-winning
> > -gun-owner-from-the-South -- who also, by chance, happens to be
> pro-choice,
> > pro environment, and anti-war. You don't get handed a gift like 
this very
> often. I hope
> > the liberal/left is wise enough to accept it. It's hard,          
> you're so used to losing,
> > to think that this time you can actually win. It is Clark who 
stands the
> best chance -- 
> > maybe the only chance -- to win those          Southern and 
> states that we
> > MUST win in order to accomplish Bush Removal. And if what I have 
just said
> is true, then
> > we have no choice but to get          behind the one who can make 
> happen.
> >
> > There are times to vote to make a statement, there are times to 
vote for
> the underdog
> > and there are times to vote to save the country from catastrophe.
> This time we can
> > and must do all three. I still believe that each one of us must 
vote his
> or her heart and
> > conscience. If we fail to do that, we will continue          to be 
> with spineless
> > politicians who stand for nothing and no one (except those who 
write them
> the biggest
> > checks).
> >
> > My vote for Clark is one of conscience. I feel so strongly about 
this that
> I'm going to
> > devote the next few weeks of my life to do everything I can to help
> Wesley Clark
> > win. I would love it if you would join me on this mission.
> >
> > Here are just a few of the reasons why I feel this way about Wes 
> >
> >
> >  Clark has committed to ensuring that every family of four who 
makes under
> $50,000 a
> > year pays NO federal income tax. None. Zip. This is the          
> incredible helping
> > hand offered by a major party presidential candidate to the 
working class
> and the
> > working poor in my lifetime. He will make up the          
difference by
> socking it to the
> > rich with a 5% tax increase on anything they make over a million 
bucks. He
> will make
> > sure corporations pay ALL of the          taxes they should be 
> Clark has fired a
> > broadside at greed. When the New York Times last week wrote that 
Wes Clark
> has been
> > "positioning himself          slightly to Dean's left," this is 
what they
> meant, and it sure
> > sounded good to me.
> >
> >
> >
> >  He is 100% opposed to the draft. If you are 18-25 years old and 
> this right now,
> > I have news for you -- if Bush wins, he's going          to bring 
back the
> draft. He will be
> > forced to. Because, thanks to his crazy war, recruitment is going 
to be at
> an all-time
> > low. And many of the troops          stuck over there are NOT 
going to
> re-enlist. The only
> > way Bush is going to be able to staff the military is to draft you 
> your friends.
> > Parents, make          no mistake about it -- Bush's second term 
will see
> your sons taken
> > from you and sent to fight wars for the oily rich. Only an ex-
general who
> knows first-
> > hand          that a draft is a sure-fire way to wreck an army 
will be
> able to avert the
> > inevitable.
> >
> >
> >
> >  He is anti-war. Have you heard his latest attacks on Bush over 
the Iraq
> War? They are
> > stunning and brilliant. I want to see him on that stage          
in a
> debate with Bush -- the
> > General vs. the Deserter! General Clark told me that it's people 
like him
> who are truly
> > anti-war because it's people like him          who have to die if 
there is
> a war. "War must
> > be the absolute last resort," he told me. "Once you've seen young 
> die, you never
> > want to see that          again, and you want to avoid it whenever 
> wherever possible."
> > I believe him. And my ex-Army relatives believe him, too. It's 
their votes
> we need.
> >
> >
> >
> >  He walks the walk. On issues like racism, he just doesn't mouth 
> platitudes -- he
> > does something about it. On his own volition, he          joined 
in and
> filed an amicus
> > brief with the Supreme Court in support of the University of 
> case in favor of
> > affirmative action. He spoke about          his own insistence on
> affirmative action in the
> > Army and how giving a hand to those who have traditionally been 
shut out
> has made
> > our society a better          place. He didn't have to get 
involved in
> that struggle. He's a
> > middle-aged white guy -- affirmative action personally does him no 
> But that is
> > not          the way he thinks. He grew up in Little Rock, one of 
> birthplaces of the civil
> > rights movement, and he knows that African Americans still occupy 
> lowest
> > rungs of the ladder in a country where everyone is supposed to 
have "a
> chance." That is
> > why he has been endorsed by one of the founding members          
of the
> Congressional
> > Black Caucus, Charlie Rangel, and former Atlanta Mayor and aide to 
> Luther King,
> > Jr., Andrew Young.
> >
> >
> >
> >  On the issue of gun control, this hunter and gun owner will close 
the gun
> show
> > loophole (which would have helped prevent the massacre          at
> Columbine) and he
> > will sign into law a bill to create a federal ballistics 
> database for every gun
> > in America (the DC sniper, who bought          his rifle in his 
own name,
> would have been
> > identified after the FIRST day of his killing spree). He is not 
afraid, as
> many Democrats
> > are, of the NRA.          His message to them: "You like to fire 
> weapons? I have a
> > place for you. It's not in the homes and streets of America. It's 
> the Army,
> > and you can join any time!"
> >
> >
> >
> >  He will gut and overhaul the Patriot Act and restore our 
> rights to privacy
> > and free speech. He will demand stronger          environmental 
laws. He
> will insist that
> > trade agreements do not cost Americans their jobs and do not 
exploit the
> workers or
> > environment of third          world countries. He will expand the 
> Leave Act. He will
> > guarantee universal pre-school throughout America. He opposes all
> discrimination
> > against gays and lesbians (and he opposes the constitutional 
> outlawing gay
> > marriage). All of this is why Time magazine this week          
referred to
> Clark as "Dean
> > 2.0" -- an improvement over the original (1.0, Dean himself), a 
> version of a good
> > thing: stronger, faster, and          easier for the mainstream to
> understand and use.
> >
> >
> >
> >  He will cut the Pentagon budget, use the money thus saved for 
> and health
> > care, and he will STILL make us safer than we are now.          
Only the
> former
> > commander of NATO could get away with such a statement. Dean says 
he will
> not cut a
> > dime out of the Pentagon. Clark knows where the          waste and 
> boondoggles are
> > and he knows that nutty ideas like Star Wars must be put to 
pasture. His
> health plan will
> > cover at least 30 million          people who now have no coverage 
at all,
> including 13
> > million children. He's a general who will tell those swing 
voters, "We can
> take this
> > Pentagon          waste and put it to good use to fix that school 
in your
> neighborhood."
> > My friends, those words, coming from the mouth of General Clark, 
are going
> to
> > turn this country around.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Now, before those of you who are Dean or Kucinich supporters start
> cloggin' my box
> > with emails tearing Clark down with some of the stuff          
I've seen
> floating around the
> > web ("Mike! He voted for Reagan! He bombed Kosovo!"), let me 
respond by
> pointing out
> > that Dennis Kucinich          refused to vote against a resolution 
> Congress on March 21
> > (two days after the war started) which stated "unequivocal 
support" for
> Bush          and
> > the war (only 11 Democrats voted against this--Dennis abstained. 
> > clerk.house.gov/evs/2003/roll083.xml). Or, need I quote Dr. Dean
> who, the
> > month after Bush "won" the election, said he wasn't too worried 
about Bush
> because
> > Bush "in his soul, is a moderate"
> (http://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/09/politics/
> > campaigns/09DEAN.html)? What's the point of this ridiculous tit-
> sniping? I
> > applaud          Dennis for all his other stands against the war, 
and I am
> certain Howard
> > no longer believes we have nothing to fear about Bush. They are 
> people.
> >
> > Why expend energy on the past when we have such grave danger 
facing us in
> the
> > present and in the near future? I don't feel bad nor do I          
> that Clark -- or
> > anyone -- voted for Reagan over 20 years ago. Let's face it, the 
> majority of
> > Americans voted for Reagan -- and I          want every single one 
of them
> to be
> > WELCOMED into our tent this year. The message to these voters -- 
and many
> of them
> > are from the working class          -- should not be, "You voted 
> Reagan? Well, to hell
> > with you!" Every time you attack Clark for that, that is the 
message you
> are sending to
> > all          the people who at one time liked Reagan. If they have 
> changed their minds
> > (just as Kucinich has done by going from anti-choice to pro-choice,
> and Dean has
> > done by wanting to cut Medicare to now not wanting to cut it) - 
and if
> Clark has become
> > a liberal Democrat, is that not something to cheer?
> >
> > In fact, having made that political journey and metamorphosis, is 
he not
> the best
> > candidate to bring millions of other former Reagan supporters to
> our side -- blue
> > collar people who have now learned the hard way just how bad 
Reagan and
> the
> > Republicans were (and are) for them?
> >
> > We need to take that big DO NOT ENTER sign off our tent and reach 
out to
> the vast
> > majority who have been snookered by these right-wingers.          
And we
> have a better
> > chance of winning in November with one of their own leading them 
to the
> promised
> > land.
> >
> > There is much more to discuss and, in the days and weeks ahead, I 
> continue to send
> > you my thoughts. In the coming months, I will also          be 
> a number of
> > efforts on my website to make sure we get out the vote for the 
> nominee in
> > November.
> >
> > In addition to voting for Wesley Clark, I will also be spending 
part of my
> Bush tax cut to
> > help him out. You can join me, if you like, by         going to his
> website to learn more
> > about him, to volunteer, or to donate.          To find out about 
> your state's
> > presidential primaries are, visit Vote Smart: 
> > election_president_state_primary_dates.php.
> >
> > I strongly urge you to vote for Wes Clark. Let's join together to 
> that we are
> > putting forth our BEST chance to defeat Bush on the November
> ballot. It is, at this
> > point, for the sake of the world, a moral imperative.
> >
> > Yours,
> >          Michael Moore
> >
> > http://www.ndtceda.com
> > Phallus Jerkins Dabait League
> >
> >

Phallus Jerkins Dabait League

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