[eDebate] New Format for Elims

Matthew Doggett mmdoggett
Wed Jan 28 13:52:52 CST 2004

I have just a couple of observations that I think support Dallas.
First, I'm guessing that most people that would support this new system have 
not had much experience running tournaments.  Think about the amount of time 
we would have to waste waiting for people to make, and then, accept 
challenges.  Then, extra time would be spent by teams to prep.  I don't know 
the average time for debate rounds, but I think I could safely argue that 
this new system would add an hour to the rounds.
Second, where is the education in challenging someone that you know you 
match up well with?  Not to mention that if this is done in prelims, how 
many students would we scare off, because they know they will get their 
butts kicked in for the first two rounds.
I hope that people reconsider changing the format.
Matthew Doggett
App State

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