[eDebate] That Stratfor 11-8 Card...

Brad Hall hallbc2
Thu Nov 17 21:57:55 CST 2005

The card is apparently legit, according to the founder of Stratfor (who didn't
much like the suspicions of the community about his article...)

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Kid, believe me that no one at Stratfor pays any attention to
intercollegiate debate. This may shock you, but we really didn't know that
it was the big game. The strange coincidence you are talking about is not so
strange. Everyone involved in China-U.S. relations has been discussing
precisely the same issue of U.S. pressure and its effects on Hu. And it's
been the main topic of conversation for a year. I know that college debaters
are extremely knowledgeable about the world, but this issue didn't exactly
surface in November. Everyone in another community--the Chinese Foreign
Ministry and the State Department, has been obsessing with this for a long

I think you are inflating the relevance, timeliness and significance of
college debating. Why not get a date, get drunk, and rob a liquor store.
Debating is clearly not good for you.

George Friedman

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