[eDebate] New rules for the NDT

Martin Harris mharris02
Sun Apr 2 05:07:06 CDT 2006

   I am hoping that the delay in posting the text of the new revised NDT rules is a function of being busy with CEDA Nationals.  If not, I would like to second the request for the full text of the rules.  I will try to avoid the vitriol of some of the recent posts, but I am trying to figure out if the NDT committee seriously just passed a rule that says if I choose to visit the national tournament, something that is from time to time easy to do for me since it often falls during spring break, that I am obligated to the tournament for either 4 rounds of judging or scouting.  In most worlds I would probably volunteer to do scouting because I think it is something generally of value, but if I spend my own money so that I might spend one more weekend to be with my wife who is gone from 30 percent of my life I OWE the tournament those 4 rounds?  Someone please tell me this really isn't the new rule.

Martin Harris  
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