[eDebate] CEDA Nationals 2006 - results

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Mon Apr 3 19:25:25 CDT 2006

I'm sorry that results are coming through so disjointed if you are checking  
it via the archives. When it came through on my email it looked fine. For 
those  of you interested in results who get them via the archives feel free to  
backchannel me and I'll forward the results to you. At some point the results  
will also be uploaded to the CEDA website:
_http://cedadebate.org/_ (http://cedadebate.org/) 
Tim  Mahoney
Director of Debate, St. Mark's School of Texas
10600 Preston  Road
Dallas, TX 75230
214-346-8141 (office)
214-734-3673  (cell)
425-740-9130 (fax)
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