[eDebate] Washington Economic Policy Job Opening

Josh Lynn joshuablynn
Wed Apr 5 18:13:32 CDT 2006

In May I'll be leaving my current job in Washington DC at the Center for
American Progress (www.americanprogress.org). In the mean time I need to
find a replacement.

The person taking the job will work directly for Gene Sperling, who was
President Clinton's top economic adviser in the second term.

For anyone who thought you would never be able to find a job as research
heavy, competitive, challenging, and intense as policy debate--this is the
job. Responsibilities involve original economic research, writing (columns,
op-eds, reports), and assembling and updating a briefing material and
talking points (very evidence heavy).

You can find the the job description here:

The ideal candidate would have some economic and political background, and
some sort of higher degree. However, ability to perform (especially under
pressure) and willingness to work hard are really the vital qualifications.

Working for Gene and working at the Center puts you at the center of  the
inner workings of Washington progressive politics--with an opportunity to do
work that has a real impact. The Center for American Progress is the premier
think tank/advocacy organization on the left--definitely the most
politically influential policy shop in Washington today.

Gene is very familiar with debate (he's friends with a number of now
high-profile former debaters) and a history of debate sucess is definitely a

Feel free to contact me directly, or to pass this along to any friends,
colleagues or former debaters.

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