[eDebate] 2006 Wyoming Debate Cooperative

matt stannard stannardmatt
Thu Apr 6 08:53:52 CDT 2006

The 2006 Wyoming Debate Cooperative will take place August 1-14.  August 1 
is a check-in day but work will be waiting for you.

We need coaches as well as debaters to make it work! Many fine coaches have 
already committed to the '06 Coop but we'll need more.  We welcome both new 
and experienced coaches and we pay you the same--nothing.  Everyone who 
participates in the Coop helps shape its curriculum.

In addition to extremely hard work, focused topic and theory lectures, and 
the best optional lecture series anywhere this summer, there will also be 
opportunities to hike Vedawoo and the Snowy Range, tour the old Territorial 
Prison, or visit some very hot Hot Springs.

The cost is $250 for housing and lab fees.  If you need to be shuttled from 
the Denver International Airport (and back to DIA after the Coop) it's 
another $20.

Please contact me with any questions, or to register.

Matt Stannard
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union

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