[eDebate] help with sports argument class

Steve Mancuso spmancuso
Thu Apr 6 13:25:08 CDT 2006


In my downtime between fashioning stupid rules for the NDT (as though 
the current system hasn't been about as stupid as could be) and 
poorly-worded resolutions, I'm designing a class to teach next spring 
on Sports Arguments.  Basically it's going to be a standard 
Argumentation and Debate class using nothing but sports examples.  
"Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?" "Should Title IX be 
repealed?" "Best QB of all time?" etc.

I was wondering if any of you had suggestions of course content - 
perhaps some books and/or articles to recommend, or maybe some 
suggestions for possible debate topics.  Scott Harris has recommended 
"The 100 Greatest Sports Arguments of All Time" which I've purchased.  
Other than that I'm just starting.

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Mancuso

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