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Congratulations to all of the individuals who participated in the national tournaments.

I hope everyone has made it home safely and is getting some r&r before we begin

working for next season.


The following action items were approved during the NDT Committee meeting in
Evanston on Thursday, March 23, 2006.  The first three are issues related to 

tournament planning and the third  is a change which will affect the individuals 

participating in the 2007 NDT.  

1.Amended the hosting document to encourage substantial internet access.

History:  NDT participants now require more electronic access than in
the past.  As the demands of the tournament change, the Committee felt
it appropriate to encourage hosts to evaluate the ability of their
campuses and the designated hotels to meet our internet needs.  Dallas
Perkins, of the tournament hosting subcommittee, presented this amendment.
It passed unanimously.

2.Charged the chair to create language that alters the standing
committee on tournament procedure to:

        a.      Reconstitute the committee to include members of the NDT
tab room
        b.      Rewrite the committee's charge to include reviewing
tournament procedures before the tournament.
        c.      Require proposals to change tournament procedures to
begin in the tournament procedure subcommittee.

History:  As we have discussed the evolution of the various tournament
programs, it has become clear that the old tournament procedures committee's
function of providing assistance to the tab room during the tournament
only is outmoded.  Issues of tournament procedure are best addressed by
creating an opportunity for conversation between the Tournament Director
and the NDT Committee.  These changes will allow for an ongoing dialogue
and an opportunity to be more responsive to changes in our technological

3. Formed a committee to evaluate communal resource equity issues at the
NDT such as internet access and space utilization.  Chair, David
Hingstman-University of Iowa; Sarah Partlow Lefevre-Idaho State
University, Ron Stevenson-Wayne State University, Joe Bellon-Georgia
State University.

History:  In response to concerns about the challenges of technological
access and the growing numbers of individuals who attend the NDT, the
Committee charged the Chair with creating a committee to discuss the
potential impact of these factors on communal resources.  This is an
attempt to determine what issues might arise in the future and how the
Committee might work with the host and the community to address these
issues.  The subcommittee will begin reporting to the Committee in

4. Amended the NDT STANDING RULES regarding workers.

History:  The worker issue was first discussed at the Boston meeting in
November of 2005.  A proposal was offered to limit the number of workers.
After discussion , the Committee determined that further conversation
with district constituents was required.  The issue was discussed again
at the meeting in Austin in February of 2006.  Discussion there
indicated that the proposal that was on the table was generally favored
by the districts represented, but that some modifications would be
preferred.  The Chair charged Galloway, Stables, Rollins and Frappier to work on
possible wordings.  At the meeting in Evanston, the subcommittee
reported the compromise wordings.  Several potential proposals
were posted to the community on edebate and ceda-l.  The proposal that was

eventually moved was a combination:  a modified version of the original Mancuso 

proposal   (sub 9 a-c) and a modified version of the Lupo proposal (sub 9 d), incorporating changes 

suggested by discussions on edebate and at various debate tournaments..

This amendment was passed by a 2/3 majority and will go into effect for
the 2007 NDT.


SUB F: Miscellaneous Regulations

Add sub 9  NDT Workers

a.       At tournament registration, schools must identify, by name, the
individuals who will be designated as their NDT Workers.  An "NDT
Worker" is defined as a person who is not a competitor in the tournament
and who researches and/or writes any arguments during the tournament,
including evenings.

b.      Undergraduates. A school may designate any number of
undergraduate NDT Workers provided they:

(1)   meet the academic certification requirements for debaters at the
NDT as outlined in Standing Rule II(A)(1)(g);

(2)   are enrolled at the school for which they will work;

(3)   have participated in 15 rounds of tournament competition for that
school by March 10 immediately preceding the NDT.

c.       Non-undergraduates. A school may designate up to 2
non-undergraduates as NDT Workers.  These individuals must come from the tournament's 

judge pool. Persons who meet the qualifications for judging, or who meet the qualifications 

except the 12 round requirement, must be available to judge a minimum of four preliminary
rounds of  debate.  The names of those not meeting the 12 round requirement
will appear on a supplemental judge preference sheet.  The names of
those meeting the minimum round requirement will appear on the regular
judge preference sheet.

d.      Other individuals who provide scouting or significant coaching
to any team participating in the NDT should be required to enter the
judging pool on a supplemental strike sheet for at least four debates
or, if it is more appropriate, provide a significant equivalent
contribution to the tournament as defined by the tournament host.

d. The Chair of the NDT committee will publicize violations of this

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