[eDebate] Legal topic - there is no debate

Charles Olney olneyce
Thu Apr 6 18:01:20 CDT 2006

It's already been decided.  It will be a legal topic.  No point in
arguing about it now.

I went to the topic meeting at Ceda Nats.  I'm hoping the more
complete explanation of things will get posted by someone soon, but
here's the quick version.

Potential topics:
-IPR - Clint Woods wrote a paper.  I don't really know anything about it

-Internet/telecommunication regulation - the same paper that's been
floating around for a while.  There was some support for the general
idea but some worries about what the actual topic would look like.  It
may or may not make it on the ballot, depending on whether they can
resolve some of these worries

-Executive power, detention, etc.  This would be modeled, to a limited
extent, on the current high school topic, though it would clearly
would not be a carbon copy.

-Immigration.  Basically, a smaller version of the previous topic.  It
would focus on detention issues in the war on terror, as they relate
to immigration.

-"The Supreme Court should overrule one or more of the following
[insert contemporary social issues."  Ryan Galloway wrote the paper to
focus on federalism issues, but some other issues (Roe, affirmative
action, etc.) would also probably be included among the potential
resolutional wordings.

If someone on the topic committee or someone taking better notes could
provide more details, I'm sure the community would appreciate it.


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