[eDebate] They really have NO shame

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Thu Apr 6 18:17:22 CDT 2006

Part One:

Forbes.com 4/6/2006
President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney authorized Cheney's top aide
to launch a counterattack of leaks against administration critics on Iraq by
feeding intelligence information to reporters, according to court papers
citing the aide's testimony in the CIA leak case.

Part Two:

 Forbes.com 4/6/2006
Presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said the White House would have no
comment on the investigation. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the
president has the "inherent authority to decide who should have classified

Essentially making the argument that if Bush wants the press to leak
classified information for an explicitly political purpose he should be able
to do so with no restrictions.

Very nice,

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