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Ilon Lauer MI-Lauer
Fri Apr 7 00:15:14 CDT 2006

Western Illinois University will have one Graduate Assistantship Positions
available for next year. The position pays full tuition and offers a stipend
to cover your monthly expenses. Macomb is cheap and affordable.
Additionally, I pay you extra for your judging. There are NO Teaching
requirements for the assistantship position. The only responsibility is to
work with the debate team. Additionally, I am pretty flexible about what the
duties are. I have had Grad Assistants want to focus on Novices and Grad
Assistants who wanted to work with the Varsity team. 

One WIU position has the added bonus of covering graduate study in ANY
department in the University (English, History, Poly Sci). I can put you in
touch with people from other departments if you are interested in those
programs. If you are interested in communication, I would be happy to speak
with you about our curriculum. My first grad assistant just received a very
nice offer at a great doctoral program in rhetoric/media/culture studies. If
you study in communication, there should be opportunities to teach if you
are interested--public speaking and possibly argumentation/debate.

The reconstituted Western Illinois program just finished its fourth year. We
debated in all three divisions this year and should continue to do so in the
future. I return my team that went 3-5 at CEDA, have at least one new
recruit and commitments from current WIU students who want to debate novice.
The University administration has recently increased its commitment to the
program, which operates out of the honors college and is associated with the
honors college. Every year, we have gotten better in terms of depth and
quality and I anticipate that will be the case next year as well. 

Sound Interesting? I can also put you in contact with my former graduate
assistants to get grad-student perspective on the program. Contact me for
more information. 
Ilon Lauer 

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