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Sue Peterson bk2nocal
Fri Apr 7 12:11:09 CDT 2006

I just wanted to say thank you to the cadre of people that made this year's CEDA Nationals a success.  I look forward to the CEDA National tournament every year because it is like an annual reunion of old friends, from which I always leave with a whole new set of friends to include in that reunion the next year.  I'm sure I will leave some key people off the list, but I send thanks out to:
  Tim Mahoney - for being such a great host and truly working under a whole different set of circumstances than anyone hosting CEDA ever has.  He is truly a part of this community whether he coaches college or high school and he has the participant's interest in mind in all decisions.  I'm happy to call him a friend and colleague.
  Will Baker - for showing such enthusiasm for CEDA and this tournament.  You really did make it the "tournament of the people" and captured the sentiment that I hold for this tournament well.
  CEDA Tab Room/administration past and present - Once again the tournament was run very well, with high prefs (see Gary's post) and great efficiency.  It takes an army of people to make sure all of it runs as it should and I won't list everyone here, but so many of you who have served/are serving in the administration are happy to run ballots, find lost judges and teams, pick up trash, run interference with hotel security, and all the other dirty work that needs to be done.  I appreciate it!
  There are a ton of other people who did both great and little things to make this tournament happen - and I thank them as well!  Just because you go unnamed does not mean you are not appreciated.
  Congratulations to Harvard on their win - and to Dartmouth for being in finals two years in a row.  I'm glad I didn't have to judge this one!  

Sue Peterson
Director of Forensics
Pepperdine University

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." 
--John F. Kennedy

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