[eDebate] Topic Area Ballot 06-07

Steve Mancuso spmancuso
Sat Apr 8 12:07:02 CDT 2006

Jeff Jarman will be sending out the official ballot shortly, but in 
order to facilitate discussion here is a preview:

Overrule a Supreme Court Decision - this idea for this area is to 
require the affirmative to overrule a specific U.S. Supreme Court 
decision.  We expect (although final decisions have not been made) the 
list of decisions will represent a range of social issues such as - 
abortion, affirmative action, euthenasia, etc.  Ryan Galloway has 
posted two related papers on this recently, although they were focused 
on decisions in certain areas that may not reflect exactly the list we 
would include this year.

Intellectual Property Rights - the paper for this by Clint Woods has 
been posted recently.

Executive Authority in the War on Terror - this idea for this area is 
to restrict the power of the President/Executive in an area such as 
(again, no final decisions have been made on this) surveillance, 
detention, etc.  Papers will be posted on this as they become 

If you have any interest in helping the topic committee in one of these 
areas over the next month please let me know.   We have divided up into 
sub-groups and are working this month during the election on each area, 
so your efforts right now will be helpful.

Reminder: the topic committee summer meeting takes place in Kansas City 
May 31- June 2.  Please, please come if you are interested.  We need 
all the help we can get.  I think anyone who has ever come to these 
meetings as a non-member can attest - all voices are heard and many 
non-members have had dramatic impact on the process.  You will 
(literally) have a seat at the table. Please come if you can make it.

I'll be posting separately about beginning work on the 07-08 areas.

Steve Mancuso

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