[eDebate] The death of policy debate at the University of Oregon

Israel Pastrana i_pastrana
Sun Apr 9 14:48:22 CDT 2006

It breaks my heart to have to say this, but yesterday I was informed that a decision has been made by David Frank, Paul Hood, and Aaron Donaldson to discontinue support for a policy debate program at the university and instead focus on parliamentary debate.  The rational, as presented to the team in an email from Aaron Donaldson reads: 
  ?We feel we need to focus our resources in regards to coaching time and efforts as well as travel.  While we agonize over the sacrifice that has to be made, we feel that we can better serve the students on our team, as well as better realize the potential of our program through this decision?
  My hopes were to write a longwinded email expressing my disappointment with the decision and how I feel that it represents the university turning its back on the community and on the students that participate in the activity, but too be honest I am far too disillusioned at the moment to really engage the question.  Perhaps after gather myself a bit I will post my reaction to the decision but I fear that at the moment I wouldn?t be able to without turning to ad homs and profanity.  I sincerely apologize to the community and after meeting with other students last night I want to assure all of you that this was not a decision that we as students had any part of.  I like I said, I hope to gather my thoughts on this and send a more detailed post regarding the situation here, but as for now I would ask that we realize what a tragic loss we (especially here in the Northwest) are faced with as a community, and hopefully some of you will respond by helping us write to the coaching
 staff and the administration about its decision.  The students here at Oregon are all very upset by the decision and will do all that we can to draw attention to this loss.
  More information as to whom to address emails if you wish to help us out will be made available in a later post once I have collected the contact information necessary.
  Israel Pastrana
  University of Oregon

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