[eDebate] ???Overturning Roe v Wade????

Nicole nicole.colston
Mon Apr 10 11:13:21 CDT 2006

Okay, I thought this was a silly rumor until the recent Ballot postings by
mancuso.  It was hard to avoid profanity in writing this e-mail and I
definitely have not planned my formal and large-scale attack on this
idea but . . .

The Question:
I wanted to know if anyone else thought that including "abortion"- ie
overturning Roe vs. Wade- as part of the courts topic was a REALLY AWFUL AND


For the Topic Committee:
I hope this is not someone's idea of including of women's issues in the
topic.  Please consider addressing women's concerns from a different issue
perspective, for ex. pornography or employment practices, or just not at

For the Community:
I will WITHDRAW my squad's participation in NDT/CEDA debate without
hesitation next year if Roe vs. Wade is included on the ballot.  I am sick
over the extent in which this "activity" has no respect for women and fear
the effects on female participation if Roe v Wade is included.

Thoughts on the topic process:
1) I do not think we should vote on a topic area that does not have a topic
paper.  How could I anticipate something as foul as this?
2) I feel politically neutralized as a professional in this community, as a
woman, and as a small squad coach by the way this process occurs.  I do not
support the elitist back-room and ignorant politics that dictate the
process.  Where, when, and by who are these decisions being made?  Why
aren't the "Minutes" from topic meetings posted on edebate?  Was there a
topic meeting at CEDA?  Why aren't students involved?  Why aren't experts in
issue areas involved?
3) I would like the thank and encourage those who seem to be a moving to a
more open! and researched! topic process.  I know that we have committed,
intelligent, and caring people in this community, it is just hard to see
4) Let's make the change now, this year.  I hope to be in Kansas City and
would like to invite anyone who is financially strapped to contact me about
sharing rides/rooms/resources.  Maybe the topic hosts could identify cheaper
camping areas, train/bus options, affordable food options.
5) I think we should webcast the meetings.  Everyone should be able to watch
and IM ideas/responses to the meeting.

Sending my love for debate- Nicole

Take a visible stand for peace!
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