[eDebate] Women's issues discussed in Debate! Heaven forbid.

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Apr 10 12:24:39 CDT 2006

Heaven forbid the discussion of key women's issues in an academic debate round.
I mean, its not like abortion is not a key societal issue. Its not like North
Dakota just decided to ban abortion. Its not like teams would have real links
to politics disads if they debated abortion. Its not like this is an issue that
students who are not already debaters would actually want to debate. No, I
prefer that policy debate stick witht he more salient debates such as
federalism and whether China can be hermenuetically post-modernist with a
slight hint of vanilla-nihlism.

I wonder what has become of debate coaches and academic advisors who are so set
in their personal beliefs that they would yank their squad from particiaption
if a REAL topic of of controversy were chosen for debate.

Perhaps those so opposed to such debates should rethink your philosophy toward
academic debate---namely, you can make arguments that you do not personally
believe in. No, really. You can do it. Try to seperate yourself from the
arguments you make. This may sound old school, but I was taught that the best
way to strengthen your personal beliefs is to argue against them, to test them.
Try to find the flaws in your own logic. Is the problem that people are so
entrenched in their uncontested beliefs, they are afraid to question them? That
to me is a very dangerous mindset.


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