[eDebate] Childish and Reactionary Thoughts

Nicole nicole.colston
Mon Apr 10 18:32:36 CDT 2006

A few more things:
1) Call me childish and reactionary for threatening to leave, it wouldn't be
the first time you tried to neutralize my power-  While I certainly
appreciated everyone's comments and analysis of the issues (I do see
potential for progressive Affs and to bash pro-lifers on the negative--which
is supposed to make me happy somehow?), I feel this issue is about
larger 'D'ebate community topic process, inclusion, and values rather than
my personal conviction or even the larger social negotiation of women's
rights.  I choose e-debate as my forum to expose a POTENTIAL EFFECT OF YOUR
VOTE, knowing the reaction I would get, negative and one-sided. . . I
certainly do not apologize for threatening to leave, because there is no way
I would let this topic go unexamined while we vote on an area.  I know
a "nice" note would have not received a significant response, women don't
get responses on edebate, women who align with me won't and probably often
can't post and expose themselves.
2) I do have the choose of whether or not to participate, get over it!!!
And YOU have the obligation to consider how your choices will effect
participation!  The spew of posts today are more like personal reactions to
my criticism of our communities interactions- people getting defensive- than
actual advocacy for including Roe v. Wade (don't let the guise of "education
good" or ingenuine analysis fool you), and that is what it was intended to
do.  where do my poltics get to start in this community??  when is an issue
important enough for a woman to get angry and use "uncooperative" language?
when can I challenge our practices???
3) Do not worry about striking me- I feel I am fair, I do not feel I insert
my politics as a judge/critic.  Again, this is an issue of inclusion in the
debate and a resolution that takes a clear poltical stance on (and don't
give me the you can go "critical" crap).  I know that my heart is in this
community, and being the best educator I can.  I have tried to organize a
forum to discuss these issues outside e-debate.  I will continue to explore
the cooperative ethic in debate, but I do not think that means supporting
unconsiderate and potentially damaging pedagological practices that occur
between the top "dogs" of debate.  We will leave.
4) I think we can ALL agree that a) debate trains people to act in the real
world and effects the development of their world-view, b) sexism and
competitve politics exist in debate, c) participation and diversity are very
low, and d) debate cases do not represent the actual legal
process. Debate on this topic will not teach us how to deal with the social,
religious, and personal implications of Roe v Wade-
specific politics links are the closest we will come. Except for maybe some
teams who try to argue the issue from more of a value (aka critical)
perspectives who will be subject to Topicality and "no alt." debates in
which they are told they can only discuss the actual "legal" issues. THIS IS
4) That being said, I beg you to weigh the actual potential debate and
education that will be accrued against the damage to inclusion.  I am
reactionary because we can not be silent as these decisions are made without

Take a visible stand for peace!
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