[eDebate] Oregon -- Isn't it a bit F****D?!?

Veronica Barreto veronica_m_barreto
Mon Apr 10 21:40:43 CDT 2006

I just deleted an entire day's worth of posts to get to Israel's posts about the termination of the Oregon policy program.  Isn't it fucked that people have spent all day discussing the inclusion of Roe in a resolution for a topic area that hasn't even been selected yet, meanwhile...ANOTHER program died on our watch and that has had minimal reaction.  Is program death so common or do we all feel so secure about policy's future that we can afford to be so cavalier?  I'm kicking myself because my day could have been better spent composing letters to administrators, contacting the debaters at Oregon to show my support, rally with them and find out what can be done.  I know the response is that those letters never change anyone's mind, but don't we owe it to Oregon's current debaters and alumns whom I've known and respected to show solidarity even in the wake of the program.  
  Clearly, our time isn't that limited if we can post to edebate.
  Izzy, Jeanette, et al. Let me know how the Weber crew can help, send us contacts for relevant parties, let's brainstorm.

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