[eDebate] Policy at the University of Oregon - *those concerned about retention of programs should read*

Peter Campbell odell.campbell
Tue Apr 11 00:30:01 CDT 2006

I know Israel has a couple of posts about this - I don't know if any of you
who are concerned about the apparent death of policy at U of O are curious
as to why the coaching staff did not announce this themselves on edebate.
The reason (apparently) is because neither of them are familiar with edebate
- consequently, the announcement was made by Oregon's parli coach, Aaron
Donaldson, on net-benefits, the parli listserve.  I thought what he and Paul
Hood have say by way of explanation should be available to the policy
community as well.  If anyone is interested, or would like to respond to the
Oregon coaching staff, the thread can be found found here:


If you want to respond, I believe you don't need to create an account.  If
you do, it is pretty easy.
Peter Campbell
University of Puget Sound
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