[eDebate] Full list of topic papers posted

Gordon Stables stables
Tue Apr 11 05:51:42 CDT 2006

I have compiled the papers for the three topics on the ballot. You can 
find all of the information at http://www.usctrojandebate.com/links.html

I am also interested in compiling an archive of past papers. If you have 
any, please forward them to me so we can better record this work.

Thanks to everyone for their help on these papers. I know my effort was 
substantially improved by the help of several people.  For everyone 
concerned about the process I would simply encourage you to help. We can 
certainly use the tremendous energy being expended on these forums.



Gordon Stables, Ph.D.

Director of Debate

Annenberg School for Communication

University of Southern California

Office: 213 740 2759               Fax: 213 740 3913


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