[eDebate] NDT Procedure Questions

Jason Derby db8stuff
Tue Apr 11 09:45:18 CDT 2006

I have a quick question about the NDT procedures.  According to the standing

2. Should teams withdraw or become ineligible for the tournament after their

   a. if the team qualified through the district process, that bid will go
to the next district alternate not yet qualified.
  c. if procedures (a) or (b) fail to provide a team the tournament Director
is authorized to designate a team.


What are the procedures for contacting alternate teams when this situation
arises?  Who is responsible for contacting the district alternates etc?

I ask because this year when a team that qualified from D6 was unable to
attend, We (westga, 1st alt for D6) recieved ZERO notification either before
or during the tournament.  Instead of another D6 team being invited a second
team from Miami of Ohio was invited to the tournament.  I understand that
the rules have a stipulation that the tournament director may desginate a
team, however it appears to me that it requires contacting the next team in
the que first.

I am not trying to point fingers, I just want to find out what happend.

West GA
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