[eDebate] the definition of irony (immigrant protests)

Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Tue Apr 11 10:08:40 CDT 2006

Due to complex reasons, I had to take 3 cabs here in D.C. yesterday. All
were driven by middle eastern immigrants. I have never seen members of the
working class so angry in my entire life, and I agree with what they had to
say. So much so I thought I'd pass it on to the community.

What were they upset about? The protests here in D.C. yesterday.

"They block up all the roads! We can't do business."
"Gas is already three dollars and it takes us 45 minutes now for one trip
that makes us 5 because of all of the space they take up. I can't pay the
"The regulars all leave the city when the protests come--there are no
"I don't pick up any of the protesters. They can march back to their f-ing

One of the cab drivers was Iranian and was listening to an NPR report about
"This is so overblown--they just want to sell news! It is not that bad back
"Bush will go to war, gas will go up, then the people will protest, and then
my family will be on the street"

The definition of tragic irony: protesting for the rights of
immigrants--simultaneously hurting immigrants with your physical presence.

I'm not saying don't protest. Just be careful with who you effect.

If you come on a trip to D.C. and take a cab, tip them well. Cabbing aint

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