[eDebate] High School Civil Rights Topic Vs. College Executive Power Topic

Dutcher, Michael DUTCHERM
Tue Apr 11 10:54:51 CDT 2006

I have not judged as many high school debates as I normally do this year
so I have a question for those who are active in the high school
national circuit:


How has this topic played out? What types of Affirmatives are people


I know with peacekeeping, the topic became somewhat secondary and teams
were running things like give subs to a country. What happened this


Any help information would be greatly appreciated. You can either
backchannel me or post to the list. I'll keep my eye on both.




Michael Dutcher

Acting Director of Debate

The Catholic University of America

(o) 202 319 6265

(c) 202 725 8189

(f) 202 319 4983


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