[eDebate] A remark on the Roe discussion

Claire McKinney clairecmckinney
Tue Apr 11 11:49:12 CDT 2006

Remember the treaties topic when CEDAW was on the ballot but didn't win? I 
don't remember anyone shouting that going neg against a pro-women's rights 
treaty would deeply offend their sensibilities. I do remember someone on my 
squad advocating for one of the smaller lists by saying that debating about 
women's issues would be too boring and irrelevant. I don't know how sexist 
debate is, but I'd rather be able to talk about it for more than 3 heated 
days on edebate and perhaps use a Roe v Wade (or some other abortion case 
for that matter) in debates to explore these issues.

I almost wrote a very vehement letter in favor of including Roe. I'm not 
going to claim any right to speak based on my identity, but I believe that 
limiting debate is never good, and everything should be a potential topic. 
Reading Mein Kampf didn't make me a Nazi and voting to overturn Roe v Wade 
won't make me Ann Coulter. If I thought it would, I'd put in my judge 
philosophy that I wouldn't vote for it. Don't censor the community if the 
matter is personal advocacy. Allow everyone the opportunity to find a 
meaningful way to participate in an activity we all dearly love.

And the standard caveat, I don't speak for any institution, only myself.

Claire McKinney

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