[eDebate] Have we all decided it will be the courts topic???

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Tue Apr 11 12:01:14 CDT 2006


I am glad that everyone is taking this opportunity to discuss the merits of 
Roe v Wade being in a resolution, but I think this is a discussion to be had 
at a later date....perhaps AFTER the courts topic actually wins.  Look, 
Mancuso has informed me that with the dates for everything being jumbled 
around, the topic committee has less time to do the same amount of work this 
year.  Perhaps a better discussion would be about which of the three topics 
should be picked, the general merits of each, you know all that arbitrary 
stuff.  I can bet you that if the courts topic does win, there will be 
resolutions on the ballot with roe v wade, and probably come resolutions on 
the ballot without roe v wade.  If the community consensus is that courts 
will inevitably win over IPR and....that other topic.... then its all well 
and good to start discussing what decisions would be important.  If, 
however, we have not all already decided what topic is going to win, maybe 
we could start discussing the benefits of various mechanisms, generic 
ground, you know all that arbitrary stuff that is associated with each 

Now, the IPR topic, while a solid paper, is a little overdone.  I know that 
we haven't had an IPR debate in the last two or three minutes, but I think 
we can make it.  Josh Hoe is correct in pointing out that it has been a 
great many years since there was a court-centered topic.

I am open to discussion on...that other topic...the one about bush and 
terrorists.  I do believe that George Washington already adequately showed 
the community why we should hate evil Islamic fundamentalists and show them 
no mercy, so perhaps affirmative cases on that topic would be too 
indefensible...I mean, we have to do all we can to stop another 
9/11...otherwise we could be lookin g at 9/11 times a thousand...

please, can we start discussing the differences and merits between topics 
before we all start complaining about an affirmative that MIGHT end up on a 
resolution that HASN'T EVEN BEEN PICKED YET!!

malcolm gordon

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