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At the NDT, teams were asked to fill out ordinal rankings of judges in 
addition to the strike sheet.  Roughly 25% of the teams did so.  Now
the NDT and CEDA are over and people have had a chance to recover a bit,
have turned the preference sheet back on.  I am asking that
fill out the ordinal rankings if they have not already done so.

The information collected will be used by the Director of the NDT to
refinements to judge placement systems.  The more data I have, the
those refinements can be examined.

I would ask that you NOT change your original strike sheet.  I would
ask that your ordinal rankings match your strike sheet.  In other words,
judge with an ordinal ranking of 100 would not likely be an A+.


John Fritch
NDT Director

John Fritch
Department Head
Communication Studies
Univ. of Northern Iowa
(319) 273-6118 

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