[eDebate] The eligibility rule

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Tue Apr 11 21:43:43 CDT 2006

I have noticed no one is discussing the new eligibility rule, to bring the 
CEDA rule in conformity with the  NDT standard.  I have heard no complaints 
about the rule, so I hope that means there is strong support.  It needs to 
pass by a 2/3 majority, so please support this change.

There is no reason to not support the change, giving students ten semesters 
while limiting them to 4 NDTs and 4 CEDAs.  That ensures people won't 
needlessly stay around and debate.  I think it also gives students who had 
less experience going into college a better opportunity to become nationally 
competitive.  Coming out of Ozark, Missouri, I spent most of my frosh year 
in JV.  I didn't have a chance to attend the NDT as a frosh.  I decided to 
debate another year because I knew I wouldn't graduate until my 5th year 
anyway, and I wanted to become a 4-time qualifier to the NDT.  It sounds 
dumb, but I still think attending the NDT is an honorable achievement. 
Giving students who begin their careers in the JV/Novice division the 
opportunity to have two more semesters could really make a difference in the 
level of competition they succeed at.

I also think the rule will help out students who begin in 2-year college 
programs.  Even if they debate for 2-3 years, the eligibility rule means 
they will have another 2-3 years when they transfer.  This could help 
encourage more recruiting for transfers from 2-year schools.

I know these may not seem like overwhelming benefits, but it doesn't matter 
because there is no good reason NOT to support the rule.  Many students 
don't graduate until their 5th year, and they won't be able to attend more 
NDTs or CEDAs than anyone else, so the playing field is mostly equal.  The 
only thing the rule serves as it is now is to prevent people from debating a 
full semester both their 4th and 5th years.  Don't limit access in such an 
arbitrary manner, let them debate!

malcolm gordon

We gotta stop the ZP of the HC! HOLLA!

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