[eDebate] West GA DE, never again

Brian M. Smith Brian.M.Smith
Wed Apr 12 13:36:07 CDT 2006

Now that we've heard from Dr. Fritch (through derby's fwded email) about why the 1st Alternate was not contacted, I think we have a responsibility to set up a system for this never to happen again.  I mean no disrespect to the Miami team that came to the tournament, but they were not the alternate from D6, and not an alternate from D5 either.  There is a reason we designate alternates at the district tournaments.  It is because we feel that if anyone else should get to go to the NDT, it should be them.  

Dr. Fritch points out that the team that dropped did so very late in the process, making it difficult to contact alternates.  This is certainly a problem for the director who has many other responsibilities as the tournament begins.  Apparently Dr. Fritch did not even have time to find out who the alternate was, much less contact them.  To remedy this, I propose that we appoint someone to be in charge of contacting alternates.  This is not a complicated job.  After the district tournaments happen this person simply goes on edebate, compiles a list of the alternates and then asks each of them to send contact information (preferably a phone number) so that they may be reached, possibly urgently.  In advance of the NDT, the director would be informed of this Alternate Contact person and given that person's phone number, and in the event of a drop, the director must merely call the Alternate Contact person and that person will contact the potential alternates and put together a list of alternate teams willing to travel to the NDT on the short notice (obviously only one would be needed in this instance, but in a circumstance where neither of the alternates from the correct region can make it, the Alternate Contact person could contact 1st alternates from other regions -- or whatever the director decides in advance is appropriate).  In situations such as this one, the Director can then easily choose the correct team (because it is ultimately up to the director according to the rules).  This process would likely take no more than an hour, plenty of time to save the NDT from the dreaded bye.  In fact, I am willing to volunteer for this job for the forseeable future (it would probably be better that someone take it over from me as I won't be actively involved in debate next year, but if no one wants to, its worth an hour of my time to see the right team (that has worked hard for 4 or more years to get to the NDT) be at least contacted.  Not sure how many NDT committee members read edebate, but if my proposal is acceptable
contact them so I could send my (or whoever ends up doing this) phone number to the appropriate person and remain in contact with them as the NDT approaches next year.  If I need to write this up as some kind of formal amendment to be voted on or something, please let me know that too.  I am more than willing.

Lets take this year's problem as a lesson and not let it happen again.


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