[eDebate] suggestion for NDT rule change

Rob Eback robeback00
Wed Apr 12 16:16:35 CDT 2006

I ain't no James Madison when it comes to writing constitutional-esque
documents, but I'll give it a shot since it seems this is not the first time
this has happened.

Amend the Standing Rules to read:

2. Should teams withdraw or become ineligible for the tournament after their

a. The tournament Director shall appoint a person who is responsible for
compiling the information necessary to inform the team that is supposed to
replace a team that withdraws or becomes eligible as per (b.) and (c.) and
upon the Director's notification of such a situation the Director shall
consult with the above mentioned designated person to determine who deserves
to fill the vacated spot and shall attempt to contact the institution before
invoking clause (d.).

b. if the team qualified through the district process, that bid will go to
the next district alternate not yet qualified.

c. if the team qualified through the at-large process, the bid will go to
the highest rated team in the Second Round At-Large selection not having

d. if procedures (b) or (c) fail to provide a team the tournament Director
is authorized to designate a team.
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