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Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Wed Apr 12 22:18:52 CDT 2006


I am happy to update everyone on preparations for the Asian Debate Institute 
2006.  We have set tenative dates and will formally open registration (and 
the website) once the University confirms our rooms and gives us the final 
go ahead.  However, its not too early to make plans now!

The ADI is an intensive debate training program that is composed of two 
workshops:  The Asian High School Debate Institute, and World Debate 
Institute Asia (University).

It is open to High School and University students from any nation and any 
experience level.  Our goal is to run the best debate training program on 
the planet.  Please join us for a remarkable and stimulating time in Seoul.

Asian High School Debate Institute
August 11-August 17
August 18-August 20 (Korean High School Nationals)

World Debate Insitute Asia
August 20-August 27

We have the following faculty members confirmed and anticipate adding one or 
two more based on student demand:

-Dr. Alfred (Tuna) Snider, Univ. of Vermont (founder of World Debate 
Institute, USA)
-Dr. Omar Salahuddin, Multi Media University, Malaysia
-Kevin Massey, U of British Columbia (Chief Adjudicator, UBC Worlds 2006/7)
-Loke Wing Fatt (SAID, Singapore)
-Bojan Skrt (Institute for Culture of Dialogue, Slovenia)
-Chihiro Nakagawa, U of Tokyo (WUDC '05 ESL Semifinalist)
-Serena Turley (California State University, Fullerton)
-Logan Balavijendran (MMU, Malaysia)
-Peejay Garcia (ADMU formerly, now Daewon FLHS, Seoul)

....more coming soon....

Jason L. Jarvis
Director of Debate, International Center for Speech and Debate
Kyung Hee University, Seoul , Korea
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