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Israel Pastrana i_pastrana
Thu Apr 13 00:26:54 CDT 2006

Policy debate will be back (although in a very limited role) next year at the University of Oregon.  I would first off like to thank everyone for their support.  If it wasn't for the incredible reaction by both the policy and the parli community I doubt that this could have been a possibility.  An agreement was reached that would allows us to compete on a regional level and attend a handful of tournaments on the west coast.  This should not however, be celebrated as a solution to a greater problem, that is, what can we as a community do to prevent the loss of policy programs (especially at public institutions).  The agreement (which signifies large sacrifices on the part of coaches and students) should not be the end of discussion on this issue, since I very highly doubt that this same issue will not be raised around this time next year.  Instead we should see this as an extension of the amount of time we as a community have to develop alternatives that will allow school
 like the University of Oregon to maintain a commitment to evidence based debate.  And while my official position has become one of respecting the decision although every publically disagreeing with it, I think that we can thank the coaching staff at the UO for engaging the students and developing (albiet very short term) solutions, while at the same time recognizing that some mistakes were made in the handeling of the situation.
  Really there are just two things that I want to emphasize.  The first is to once again say thank you to all of the people who have responded and supported us, while warning the community that while the UO might be present at a few debate tournament, this in no way means that the fight for program retention has been won.
  Muchas, muchas gracias,
  Israel Pastrana
  University of Oregon Policy Debate

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